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2012 The Elixir of Lie?

January 21, 2012

Let’s take a breath, remain here for a moment and let’s look into yet another stupidity that many beings, in today’s world, participate. There exists within people’s minds the believe that the world in 2012 will end/change – big time. This change is apparently some kind of ascension of humanity to another level or dimension of awareness.

It is, of course, a very comfortable believe to be in, because participation within it does not require beings to take responsibility for what is here now. Sure -why bother if the world as we know it will end soon and we will be moving on to a better place. There is no need to take care about what is here, we can just leave all the troubles behind. The same people also believe that this physical reality is not real and so we will transcend the illusion of this world and we will return “home” where we belong.

So that is actually the extent to which people separate themselves from here and fuck themselves into oblivion. It is one of the reasons why this world is the way it is. It is one of the reasons why poverty and starvation is so extreme and why diseases are reaching catastrophic proportions and nature gets destroyed as if no tomorrow exists.

I wish that this believe were true and all those who wish to escape from here would be able to do it and thus leave this place for those that truly care about it and don’t mind staying here. It would really be a good riddance. Because if we look now – they are still here and they use this earth, they feed on it, they feed their thoughts about escape and keep planning their journey to a better place without taking care about this physical reality. Basically they fuck up the living for those that care about this place and want to stay on earth and be a part of what is here.

Obviously to fix this reality which we have neglected for so long requires much dirty work and actual change with real self-honesty to see what we have all been participating within with our thoughts, our feelings and our emotions where we have been moving ourselves  only towards experiences of self-gratification as happiness and love completely ignoring the cries of nature and our fellow human beings and how thus we have manifested this current existence from which we are so willing to get away.

So the first thing we all must do to begin correcting this existence is to start seeing reality as it is without any desire to shape it according to our personal preferences and fears. It is important to educate oneself about all the existing beLIEfs that are misdirecting beings from reality into delusional mind states. Here i will make a very assisting suggestion for all those who are willing to start the process of self-reeducation and self-empowerment where nothing and no one will ever be able to misdirect you from reality where you will develop the ability to recognize all the indicating points of deception. Please visit EQAFE – here is an extensive library of very useful material about all major topics that are necessary to be understood by all people within the process of stopping the bullshit that we currently exist in and as.


Dogs live like kings in an EMS

December 4, 2011

Wouldn’t you agree that it is time for us to become dog’s best friends?  I am sure those who have or have had a dog will agree and support me in saying that time has come for humans to start actually loving dogs back, it’s time to take care of them and start treating them as equals and not as our slaves. They have always been here for us unconditionally reflecting back to us who we are.  

Within Equal Money System dogs will be considered equally to humans beings, simply because they are. Those who dare say that animals are apparently less than humans have serious mental ailment which is badly affecting their understanding about what life is. Those people definitely need some professional help because that separation from life where they exist as pure knowledge only in the mind is very abusive and it’s a very sad place to be. But no worries within Equal Money System, when people have more time to reflect upon themselves, they will see what they have allowed, where they have actually participated and what kind of system they were supporting.

I say that because I was an abuser myself, I used to beat my dog and I considered that to be completely a normal thing to do. That was my way of educating and making him strong, teaching him to respect me as his master. It’s still a bit hard to see how I have missed the reality by so much, because when I look now into the eyes of my dog I see this absolute innocence and I ask myself how much anger I should have had within me to miss all that and how deep was my brainwashing. I found it extremely hard to forgive myself for doing this atrocity and it took a long time for me to be comfortable with animals again, knowing how I was treating them.

I remember that at some point I simply noticed that my dog was simply reflecting me back to myself. It happened after he almost died 4 times, where he got lost in the forest, then later was drowning in the ice pond, also was hit by a car, and ate a deadly amount of tablets.  All that made me question what is going on and eventually I have found, reflecting back on my own life, that I was also walking on the edge constantly asking for big trouble. And I saw that my dog was just walking with me, he was my real fellow being who has put his trust in me unconditionally and was walking the same patterns. That made me see that I am completely responsible for him and that my choices are not only my own but they affect others as well.

So when people will realize this connection I am sure not many will remain ignorant and we will have a new world where animals will walk as equals, where dogs will live as kings.

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What about families in an Equal Money System?

December 4, 2011

Equal Money System will touch and change every aspect of our current existence. So that includes our current family system as well. The best way to look at possible changes that Equal Money will encourage is by taking out the elements of fear and survival and thus seeing what will change.  

So if we take now the family construct we can see that the whole basis of creating a family is to ensure our survival, where we look for the best partner that will ensure the effective support for our kids and family as a whole. It’s the great topic within many movies where the characters have to choose between life that is based on love or money. If you choose love that means you will remain poor. So all this bullshit will be over because within equal money system we can choose partners freely where we do not have to discard them anymore because of their financial status or education.

Actually the education will become now the primary concern because we have to change ourselves and adapt to this new way of living. Perhaps the biggest change will be for the rich and wealthy because   with having lots of money they were able to have servants that were doing all the hard labor in the house and with the kids. So now that there will be no more slaves they will have to adjust to a new way – where every family will be responsible for themselves. So obviously the prediction is that family sizes will rebalance and become smaller. Children will also be protected from exploitation; from the time of their birth they will have the lifelong support and protection from the system and so if there is an abuse within family there will immediately be intervention and the child may simply leave his family and find a better place to spend this time on earth.

Another big thing that will change is the availability of free time. Currently parents have to work their asses off to support the family, to ensure good education for their kids, good housing condition etc. So that obviously is creating a lot of stress and anxiety, and how many stories we hear that children don’t spend time with their parent and develop various regrets and what not. So that will change and dear daddy or mommy will now have plenty of time to get to know their children – for real.

Also I think many will agree that some of that free time parents could spend educating themselves in child education and development studies. We certainly lack that one in our current lives. The knowledge about child development is already here, all we need is time to actually use this knowledge. Science knows exactly how children develop and what are the key areas that parents should be aware of when bringing the child. Surely this knowledge can still be improved from the feedback that we get and thus make it the best possible for our kids.

So we can actually see that families will become something  much better and much more supportive. It’s the birth of new environment where dignity of people is restored as thus care and consideration for each other enhanced.  

Surely no more brainwashing with religious stuff will be allowed because of its destructiveness. It’s total abuse. Life will be the only religion where we will learn to respect all forms of life by bringing ourselves into contact with them for real, not because God told us.

So if you are ready for real life, for real family, join us at Desteni.  

Who will become the stars in an EMS?

December 3, 2011

There will be no stars, there will be equal human beings who see and understand that we are all made from the same dust of the earth like everything else in this world. We will, through the process of re-education come to understand that the only thing that was separating us from each other was our ideas and believes that were programmed into us to keep us mesmerized and blind from reality.

Within our system, naturally people have this tendency to elevate others, to put them on the podium where they can adore and worship them. The believe that we are less than God creates within us the desire to reach for our Godliness, however as the pressure placed by the system upon us is so heavy, majority of us see no way of climbing up the ladder and thus we start to adore the lucky ones that have found a way to uplift themselves. And thus the stars are born. There is a believe that our current stars, having reached this “brightness”, have also reached happiness. Fortunately this fallacy is slowly but surely being exposed and people begin to see the disease, the actual darkness beyond the presented beauty.

In the Equal Money System no one will be worshiped and no one will be considered more than another. There will be no monuments built for anyone’s achievements and no stars placed on anybody’s shoulders. Yes, we can be grateful to those who will be effective in supporting humanity, to those who will find ways for humanity to actually evolve by discovering or creating beneficial things. But the expression of our gratefulness should be simple. There is simply no need to do the worshipping thing. I mean time has already proved to us that this is destructive. By making somebody more we make ourselves less and thus we create a polarity of inferiority and superiority which creates more problems.

Also when we look within equal money system there will be no need to have stars or idols because life will be free. Meaning that in the current system people were suppressed and unable to freely express themselves, but now that the fear is removed people will reclaim the dignity and courage to live. When one lives life fully no external sources to make you happy are required.

So join us and make this happen quicker so that we can all enjoy ourselves before we leave this earth.

Equal Money–where Life is a holiday

November 28, 2011

Stop for a moment and consider how life could be different from what it is now. Equal money in the simplest terms is the end of slavery and the beginning of freedom.

Let’s zoom in to see in detail how it can work.

Let’s start from the beginning – birth of a child. Here immediately the baby steps into a world that ensures lifelong support of all basic needs – it’s all given by virtue of simply being alive here. So that means there is no element of fear anymore and thus the growth of the baby will not be restricted and directed by structures that previously were here to ensure survival. Now the parent will not bring up the child according to what is best for survival but according to interaction with the child where it will be seen how the development of the child proceeds and what interest he may grow to enjoy.

No one will push the child to become a doctor unless he wants to be one because of his caring nature and deep concern for the suffering of people. Isn’t that the type of doctor you want to go to when you have a disease? And this is only one small example of all the existing types of jobs – considering that alone and the possible changes is mind-blowing.

Within Equal Money System we will also have much more time available for ourselves. In the current system the number of hours we spend at work is total nonsense and is simply not necessary. Much of what we have today is simply here to keep people busy. The believe that we have to earn our living is very deeply imprinted into our being and which as a consequence produces too much unnecessary activity that has a huge variety of negative side effects to nature, animals, other human beings. So once we correct this in the Equal Money System people will have much more free time to enjoy whatever they like to do best. This is the time to get to know oneself, to find the ways of self-expression. Whether you like dancing, drawing, sports, science, education, travelling etc. – all that will be available for all. It is a never ending holiday where we learn about what it means to live.

Equal Money System is a fairy tale come true. I think we already know our current existence and we know that when somebody says “and they lived happily ever after “that that is bullshit. Equal Money however changes that and makes our dreams come true. Now for the first time we have a chance to step into this new existence where every day will be a new journey of self-exploration and expansion. 

And so if we walk bravely into this new world we can actually live happily ever after. Join us


Will there still be judicial systems?

November 28, 2011

The judicial system will have to be corrected from its foundation. At the moment it operates solely on the purpose of dealing with events that already have happened. It is only here to “lick the wounds” of our sick society. Our judicial system is not dealing with the cause of why criminal activity happens and does not attempt to remove that cause but it’s only keeping the status quo of the current system which is obviously not what’s best for all but it only protects and serves those few with money and power.

There are thousands of people, including law enforcement officers, lawyers, judges, government officials who are all dependent on criminal activity because that ensures that they have work and thus ensures their survival. They are the least interested group of people to have the criminal element out of the system. Judicial system is only here until there is criminal activity, thus it is common sense that we want the judicial system to not exist.

In the Equal Money System all force will be directed towards prevention. We as human are not stupid, ok maybe we are , actually we are really stupid,  but we do already understand what are the problems we have in our society. So we only need to actually be willing to implement measures of prevention. As I said our current judicial system is not interested in finding a solution, it became an entity that is ensuring its own survival where it feeds upon criminals.

The so called new judicial system will be transformed to care about having the best conditions for humans to exist. That means it will be concerned about the prevention of any harm. So when there will be any signs showing that something is wrong our justice will be to intervene immediately and correct the situation, not allowing it to take it’s natural course and end up harming someone. We all will care and our institutions that we create, like judicial system, will reflect that care.

Within the new system all people will be treated equally, there will be no corruption and no personal favors – the only rule and law will be to have an outcome that is best for all. All disagreements will be solved with this equation.  

So when all the humans, animals and plants on this planet have a safe space to exist and to grow into its fullest potential then we can say that our judicial system is in place and working. Until then much work to be done.

So join us in the birthing of the new system that cares for all life. Visit our site for more useful information that will get you on track HERE

No more banksters in an Equal Money System

November 26, 2011

Bankster is a word made up of two words “banker” and “gangster”. This is a very accurate word play revealing the real nature of what is actually happening behind the doors of a bank. While media makes us believe that the real danger is lurking in the dark streets of our towns in the form of criminals with guns and knives we miss the actual problem – the banksters. They are all part of a banking system. Banksters are the servants of banKING. The KING that rules us all, who dictates who eats and who starves to death, who lives in luxury and who lives in poverty.  

In an Equal Money System we say let’s ban this king of banking. So if we look at the banks we can see that this whole system is not operating in the interest of all. In time it became rather a complex system and people that effectively participate in it are those that had a good education or some kind of training where they learned how to move within all these names, terms and definition of the banking language. Basically only those people are part of the banking system that were born in rich and wealthy families that already have access and understanding about the banking system. Those that do not possess money and knowledge are very unlikely to have use of the banking system. Thus we can say that the banking system works only for the rich, wealthy and knowledgeable people.  

If you have no money in this world and have a hard time finding a job you are screwed and you will have very hard time getting money from the bank because you are simply too much of a risk.

If we look at it in simple terms it’s really abusive system – it’s like a person is coming to this king and says ok give me please some money I agree to pay it back plus I will also pay the interest. Which in already puts the person in a position of debt and a form of slavery. Still the bank says no, I will not give you any money because I cannot be sure that you will pay it back, you first have to prove that you are able to repay that money. So here you don’t even get a chance to prove it, because you don’t have money to start with. It’s similar to our job system where young people cannot find jobs because they don’t have experience of work and when they can’t get a job they can’t get the experience. So we can see that many people exist in this loophole where they are unable to get into the system.

So it’s the ground upon which we were brought up was not equal for all, many people just didn’t have that initial support, mostly in the form of education, where they could become effective within the system that we all live in.

So we can see clearly that banking and banksters are not here to support all people and serve life but only to serve the few. And this kind of system definitely does not qualify to remain in an Equal Money System where everything exists only for one purpose – to be and do what’s best for all.

In an Equal Money System such thing as profit is irrelevant because all will have equal access to all that is here. The banking system is stimulated by profit, fear, greed. There is just no place for that.

Also if we take the dear gangsters banksters of current system, the question also is -would they want to continue to do what they are doing in an Equal Money System or would they do something else, something they enjoy doing?

Of course there are people who enjoy screwing others but still that is a minority and in an Equal Money System they will get necessary attention and care from psychologists to correct these destructive patterns and become real human beings that care about life.

Either way the banksters will no longer exist and so if they do not have any better skill they will just have to re-train themselves and learn some activity that will benefit life and not destroy and enslave it.

The whole banking system with all its technological development will be modified into a logistic system that will deal with planning and management of resources for the people of the world. Who knows maybe banksters can do this work and be as effective in correcting this world as they were effective in fucking it up.

Equal Money System – join the birthing of the world you all dreamed about.