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I am here for love

June 5, 2012

First of all it is important to establish a clear definition of what Love really is in our current reality because so far we don’t have any ground where we all meet, meaning there is no definition of love upon which we would all agree. Love was always some abstract concept where each had his own interpretation about it.

I remember when I was a kid I would ask people to explain me what love is but I never got an answer that would make any sense. So it’s always been kind of hazy when thinking about love. Most of what we learn about love is from books and movies; and there we see mostly this heroic love, where people sacrifice themselves for the sake of one another or all humanity, all nice and wonderful, however, reality is different. Yes we do still see sacrifices made but it’s coming out of jealousy, distrust, selfishness, I mean we are capable for many stupid actions just to protect our feeling of Love. And it’s not that we have much choice as we have become actual addicts who need and require our dose of love to stay “alive”. So there are plenty of examples proving to us how destructive love can be. And then we ask ourselves , but shouldn’t love be something that solves the problems and makes the world a better place? Apparently not – even though we see love and love symbols on every corner in our reality, on TV, in the shopping malls, in our minds , I mean everything is all about love – and yet the world now is in the worst ever condition throughout entire history. So -are we not loving enough?

The problem is that we have never considered how love as a feeling really functions. Love is an energetic feeling, as the positive charge in our brains that can be measured. Thus if we look at the simple laws of physics we will notice that energy is never static and constantly moves between polarities of positive and negative trying to achieve the balance. So it is obvious that our desire to hold on and create more and more of the positive is at the same time creating the negative, in this case it’s hatred and violence, and total disregard for another as the opposition to love.  Basically what that means is that for love feeling to exist hatred and all other negative emotions must also exist. We even have a saying: only through the bad you can get to know the good. And that is very true: to get to know love you must know what love is not. And currently the biggest part of the world is experiencing exactly what love is not, because they are simply unable to generate this feeling of love, one needs money and comfortable life to do it. But the system is fucked and cannot provide for everyone, there are no jobs, and many people are destined to life of constant suffering. But do I care about all that when I have my love, do I even care that my ability to experience love comes at the cost of those that die and suffer in the name of this system. Do I care to stop my addiction and consider my sisters and brothers – or is the love bubble so thick and strong that no feeling of guilt is able to penetrate it.   

Existence is coming to a point where we can no longer ignore what we have allowed in the name of love, the time of payback is almost at our doorsteps. It’s not a judgment but simple consequence of our allowances. We have allowed this earth to be abused and deprived of all live as its resources without realizing that it is the only thing that really matters, it is the actual live giver, it wasn’t love that was keeping us alive, it was earth that was providing unconditional nourishment all along. And what were we giving in return – shit, shit and more shit in all its various forms without any regard or respect for the design of earth, nature, animal kingdom – they are all here apparently to serve us and sustain our bubbles  where we can fuck ourselves eternally generating the feeling of Love.  

So the point is to stop this endless cycle of existing as feeling and emotions where we constantly fall move up and down believing that we are living. Fuck No, that is not life  -that is a machine in action. It is time to get to know ourselves who we are beyond the mind addictions. There is a place where you can begin this process of finding out who you are exactly and how to bring yourself back to life, extract yourself from this “game”. I mean it’s not funny anymore, real people are dying, animals, nature, are being abused and destroyed in the name of this Love. And still ignorantly we try to hold on to this feeling because it is just sooo gooood. So can we find strength within ourselves to let go of our Love addiction and consider real solutions for this world, I mean we will not get a kick or a good feeling by looking into our problems and sorting them out, it is not nice and lovely, but nasty and disgusting. It’s all because of the amount of shit we have been giving this earth and never cleaning after ourselves. Time to clean up – we must clean the water until it became undrinkable, we have to clean the lands before they are unable to bear a fruit, we have to clean ourselves before we suffocated from our own bullshit.  So we all need now some tough Love to awaken ourselves from the dream of sweet Love as the ultimate state of ignorance.  

Equal Money System is the practical solution that considers all beings in existence, that’s the end of polarity, end of separation, the end of Love as we know it. New definition of Love is a practical consideration of all equally and thus Equal Money System is the actual manifestation of Love on earth.

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