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Psywar within and without

May 31, 2012

A short review on the documentary “Psywar”

So what is quite obvious when watching documentaries like this about human civilization is that throughout history there was always this underlying believe, by the intellectuals of this world, that the general public is not able to become self-responsible beings and the only way to ensure some stability in this world is to manage and control their beastly and savage natures. So this documentary depicts how throughout time the general public were managed to remain ignorant and submissive to the powerful few.

“Democracy is in the worst interest of national goals…the modern world is too complex to allow the man or woman in the street to interfere in its management.”

For that purpose the government has created “the system of management” where the techniques of manipulation were developed and implemented into the lives of the general public. They have given it a nice name “public relations” and so from here the fate of the nations was directed by intricately studying the human mind and finding new ways how to subtly get the desired outcome.

Psyops: “Psychological Operations”

Any form of communication in support of objectives designed to influence the opinions, emotions, attitudes, or behavior of any group in order to benefit the sponsor, either directly or indirectly.  

—Department of Defense

So watching the movie as well as simply observing the current mentality of the human population one cannot stand in amazement of how well the job was performed, how well was the common sense taken away from human beings and replaced by fear of and distrust in each other. Trust in oneself and what one can actually critically observe and asses in one’s reality has been replaced with trust in media channels as the only and unquestionable provider of information.

I mean 77% of people supported the war in Iraq truly believing that it is a noble cause. People were fed a few stories of apparent possibility of nuclear attack and here we go – the whole Iraqi nation and people within it became the true enemy that has to be swiped from the face of existence. The innocent families and children dying as casualties of war were of no concern to the war supporters where the fear and anger became the true directors of their behavior.  Many also believed that this war will benefit Iraqi people when they will be freed from the evil dictators and thus many have sent their sons to fight in this holy battle while being completely ignorant about what war actually is, and what it means to take another beings life. The true horrific nature of war is not yet realized by humans even though they can see the state of the mind that people after coming back from war exist in. Here is an amazing interview “The Strategic Soldier” that revels an experience of a former soldier who describes in very detail what it means to be a soldier and kill other people.

So essentially our perception about reality and what living means has been distorted and shaped in ways to protect the rule of the elite. And there is no one else who is responsible for all that but ourselves because we have allowed to be fooled and misdirected through our own fears and desires. We have defined ourselves in separation from this reality and accepted ideas of what it means to have a happy and fulfilling life and where within these definitions we became the careless protectors of our way of life. And within these perceptions we became easily controlled and manipulated where now we are at the stage where all that we care about is our own experiences as energetic upliftments where we are constantly under the influences of the information that is continually bombarded to keep us in stagnation never taking responsibility for our world. Here is an interesting article on how we are being influences by sex and money “USA uses sex to control the world”

So slowly but surely we became monsters caged in our self-created bubbles where anything and anyone outside of that is an enemy to be feared or a slave to be used to enhance the experience of self.

After seeing the nature of our existence and how far away we have walked from reality the questions that arises is:  what can we do about it? Will we wait until the earth and all life is completely destroyed while we hold on to our perceptions of happiness pretending that we don’t see what’s really happening or will we stand and stop this creation within ourselves and the world around us?

Yes we have to start the change within ourselves as this is the place from where all our actions arise; this is the place where ignorance is harbored and sustained. There is already enough information where each having access to internet can get a true reflection of what is actually happening in different parts of the world, there are also statistics that undoubtedly show the movement of money and resources and the abusive inequality in distribution where in common sense we can see that each one of us is supporting and sustaining this system through our daily participation thus making us all responsible for what is here and thus it is now our responsibility to stop and correct what is here. All we have to do is stop our imagined separation from each other and consider each other as equals and give to ourselves as all what we all want to receive – equal access to life as the resources that this earth unconditionally provides.

Equal Money System is the obvious Solution that we as humans have overlooked even though we claimed to be great intellectuals that know how this world functions. Really?

Research Equal Money System and become a practivist that stands for something that will not go in vain.

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