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STOP Before You Die

April 11, 2012

How much time we spend in useless activity where we keep ourselves preoccupied in our minds wondering and pondering about things we would like to do. Going over and over in our minds through the same thoughts – like a broken record. No, that’s actually a broken robot, or maybe it’s not broken because the design of a robot is exactly that – to repeat the same tasks which it has been programmed to repeat and perform. God is a great designer to design us in this way , wouldn’t you say?

And it goes like that for the whole life, years go by and suddenly we find ourselves at the last step, where we stop and look back and we go “Oh my fucking God what did I do? Yes that it a good question, the answer is nothing, we missed life and all the opportunities to make something more out of it.

I am sure many of those who reached the end had these moments of clarity where they noticed at some point in their life the uselessness of their existence. Oh here another question begs itself– what kept them from acting, standing up within themselves and saying or even screaming “No more”. Perhaps many can already guess the answer as it is existent within most of us – HOPE.  Yes the great mother Hope, a very good mother I would say, one that really loves her children – asks nothing of them, no demands, no commands, gives no directions, no tasks to perform. Just relax, go on doing what you are doing and one day, one beautiful day all will be fine. Will it?

How many more deaths of old people we have to witness to see that it’s the same old shit over and over again – or maybe you think they didn’t have dreams about a better world? Dreams about the world where their children and grandchildren would freely express themselves without fear? I mean we all enjoy the expression of animals and children when they run around full of unconditional joy. But it doesn’t last in this world – fear creeps in, survival creeps in, need for security creeps in and now extensive thinking starts to develop, our mind starts aligning to this system– where we need MONEY to survive. And to get enough money to survive our “beautiful” system asks only a few easy things – to shut down our consideration for all life and show more self-interest. Yeap – right here we are lost and get completely separated from all life into our own little bubble where all that’s left for us is to keep ourselves preoccupied in our minds wondering and pondering about things we would like to do.

We all essentially crave that innocence and freedom of expression which was taken away from us as we grew up. But it’s just too obvious that in this current system that is not possible. Therefore what needs changing is the system itself – we need a system that unconditionally supports all children of this world to express themselves freely where they get to keep that expression throughout their lives, never losing connection with who they really are as life that which came from the physical dust of the earth. Is that possible?. The preprogrammed mind will definitely answer no and find millions of justifications to back up that answer. But don’t be afraid as it is exactly that spot where one needs to stop for a moment, silence the voices in the head and look at the world as if for the first time.  Here seeing is possible.

Use this moment to investigate the solution of Equal Money System. We have extensively investigated, researched and written down all the basic components of how it will function. There is no doubt left that it’s something that will benefit all of the existence and there is no doubt that it is something that we can all together practically establish here in this reality, and that can and will happen when enough of us STOPS ourselves in this precious moment to asks that precious question “what the fuck I’ve been doing?“ yes… now you forgive yourself for what you did and didn’t do, and go on to ask another question “How Can I contribute?”


Some amazing videos – serves as a nice wake up call

Life Review – What if?

Where were You in this Life?

Sunette Spies – Get Real. Stay Real. Be Physical.


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