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Fears Promoted Through Healthcare Direct Our Decisions

April 9, 2012

Fear is a major, perhaps most prominent or even the only factor influencing our decisions in our day-to-day activities and actions regarding our health. Of course fear has the impact on many more areas of our life “helping” us to makes decisions– yet in this discussion we will concentrate on healthcare topic, mostly. These decisions include what medicines we buy, foods we eat, healthcare products we use, hospitals and doctors we visit and how frequent we do it, places we go, people we interact with etc.

These fears that I speak about became a part of who we are and we don’t even question ourselves while making these decisions or even consider what consequences they might have on others. Most of the time we don’t even know that we are guided by our fears and how we are constantly on the run trying to avoid some sickness. It’s all been programmed into us in very subtle ways by medical industry. Medical industry is just a business, a very big one, trying to sell its products. It should be quite obvious by now that healthcare is not here because it cares for people’s wellbeing and acts in the interest of people. The faster we realize this truth the quicker we can start looking into the matter and correcting the damage that’s already been done. It’s just a huge business that found very effective ways to market the product – it used people’s fear as the main stimulant to buy it. Through the use of mass media in the form of various pamphlets, posters, newspaper ads, radio, television, cinema and  of course the world wide web they have slowly spread the fear into all levels of our mind from where we just act without any self-awareness or understanding.

With all the emerging diseases and sicknesses a world appears a very hostile place to be, so we have to be on guard at all times and make sure proper “prevention” measures are at our immediate disposal. And Medical industry has taken upon themselves this heavy task and made sure we got everything we need and much more, because you never know…

Here I found one  example, a fear message “Five children in Galway have contracted meningitis and the next one could be yours”.

Surely nobody wants their child to get sick, thus they will take all measures to make sure it doesn’t happen in their family. This example however is very straightforward and doesn’t belong to the category of subtle messaging that we get every day by variety of other means. The fears we get from our environment are many and various:

You can check on Facebook, there is a group created that is called “redefining fear” where people expose all kinds of fears that we have, and it’s not only on health issues but all others areas of life as well, still we can see how many fears there are in our minds and some of them seem to be really funny and even ridiculous – yet they exist and they have come from somewhere – our experiences, mass media, parents etc. In our society we don’t speak much about our fears and thus we are alone fighting with them. But alone we cannot do much – we need someone,… uhm we cannot trust our neighbor as that relationship is ruined long time ago, not your spouse as many don’t speak at all beyond most important practical matters – so luckily enough we have the pills and other quicky fix stuff to deal with our problems. You have depression- take a pill. Can’t sleep – take a pill. Stomach problems –take a pill. After some pills we suddenly notice that we cannot even function without a pill or without a doctor or psychologist who gives advice on each matter. So slowly but surely we give away our responsibility to medical guys where we become dependent and also completely separated from our bodies – because we didn’t trust ourselves to heal ourselves, we made the choice. The choice wasn’t hard to make as there is so much stuff already programmed through the means mentioned above.

More fear out of powerlessness and given trust to the corporations that keep us alive. Here within this fear and surrendered responsibility consideration about bigger questions of life is hardly possible. Keeping ourselves busy to stay alive we disregard solutions that are best for all live. The way back towards self-responsibility looks long and hard.

Still we need to stop and take a hard good look at ourselves – it is possible to see how we have come to this. There are places where we can share our experiences, fears, diseases and search for solutions together and free ourselves from the clutches of corporations that tricked us into believing that there is something terribly wrong with us. We can actually heal ourselves in many alternative ways that were mostly hidden but now they are here and we just have use the opportunity, find some time and investigate ourselves and solutions that will support us all.

Here I place some Facebook groups where you can join and participate on different topics of discussion:

Dealing with fears: Redefining Fears

Dealing with health and diseases: Redefining Health and disease

Food and supplements: Redefining Food; Hydrogen Peroxide

Understanding how we create our world through the living words we speak: The Living Word

Also visit Eqafe store to search for some extremely supportive topics on many different issues of daily life

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  1. April 13, 2012 10:57 am

    thanks Arvy, I can relate to this… I was recently forced to take pharmaceutical that left me sicker in the end.

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