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What would you do if you had Cancer?

February 20, 2012

There was recently an article in the Daily Mail” magazine about the doctor who spoke his actual feelings about cancer treatment and he also exposed the actual attitude that majority of doctors share. The article is called “Why doctors like me would rather die than endure the pain of treatment for advanced cancer

It is no secret that cancer treatment is a big business and many people as well as institutional entities are built around it – that actually depend on the existence of cancer. So it is amazing to see how this huge web is created to lure people by selling hope – and what’s really amazing is that it’s actually very effective in selling this promise when it’s completely ineffective in fulfilling it. It’s also amazing when we look at the totality of our accepted reality – we can see that most areas of live follow the same principle – like politics where we are kept alive only by future promises that never come true – or consumerism that says if you buy this next product you will attain happiness and fulfillment but actually nothing has any positive lasting effect, quite the opposite. So here cancer treatment is no different – we hope and we just continue to die in hope.

Within this article it is also explained that changing this destructive pattern is not an easy process. Even though Dr. Martin Scurr, the author of the article, explains that some doctors who are realizing what the fuck they are doing and actually are willing to change the direction and make people more aware of the reality of cancer treatment they still face some difficult issues. One of the big concerns is the brainwashed people. It is understandable that when people discover that someone who is close to them has developed a cancer they undergo emotional turmoil and confusion in their minds which distorts the clear vision of reality. They can’t think straight and see the simple mathematics as statistic within the history of cancer treatment. Despite all the numbers which show tremendously low chances of survival of cancer treatment they still put their loved ones through extreme agony of chemotherapy and other treatments. It’s again the casino system of the mind where people hope to win the prize, to be the few select ones that hit the jackpot.

For a big part as Dr. Dr. Martin Scurr suggest it’s a matter of education. Current doctors are unable to communicate and explain to people the true picture of cancer and to direct people towards alternative solutions. Although this article does not touch the topic of alternative treatments, but they are available and have been proven to be quite effective in dealing with cancer. So people should educate themselves – there is vast amounts of information available on the internet and the research can be done by anyone who is has access to it.

Of course one must have at least some understanding of how to look for the right information – one of the methods of research that works really well in our world is to see at the information in reverse. Let’s take cancer treatment for example – recently I have watched a documentary about Dr. Burzynski ( here is a link for those who are interested to know more about it) who has a long history of having effectively treated many cancer cases, even most desperate ones. Despite his success he is constantly persecuted and held back within his research and wider application of his treatment. That immediately gives an indication that he is a real threat to the big guys of pharma. So it’s a guy worth looking at if you are serious about having that cancer being treated.

Either way the availability of real treatment is not reachable to everyone, only few can get that chance to be cured.

When we look at it from a common sense view point it’s really strange that we have allowed a system that doesn’t provide its members with best care that is available even though we work really hard to support this system. For some people this system still works quite well and they are doing anything in their power to protect it. Obviously if this system works for you – you have money and if you have money you have power to “build high walls” for protection. And those, whom the system has failed, have no money and thus are not able to have much influence.   

So the biggest problem is our separation from each other – where each of us live our own individual lives by all mean protecting the “peace and security” that we enjoy for a moment and through this layer of protection we are unable to understand the experiences of those who suffer from the injustice of the system. And so because of those different experiences we are unable to come together and make constructive decisions about how we can change this reality so that no one has to suffer.

The good news is that there is already a group of people in this world that realized the necessity of coming together and working as one and equal towards the solution. Here at Desteni we are educating ourselves about the actual functioning of the system, doing everyday research into most crucial topics from everyday life and within that seeing and working towards a solution that is best for all life. Those of us who participate within Desteni are becoming the actual scientists of life who are interested not only in curing cancer but also making sure that the existence of any diseases would eventually disappear from our planet. We invite everyone to join us and make this change as quick as possible because as we can see the cancer is spreading rather rapidly, unexpectedly visiting like a thief in the night the good and the bad.  Who’s next?

For more information visit desteni website at and desteni store



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