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2012 proves human devolution

February 2, 2012

2012 is just another year where we downgrade the quality of life and bring ourselves ever more closer to the point of inevitability of facing what we have become as destructive force killing that which really matters in the name of self-interest. 

2012 hopefully will become a year of awakening as it has been prophesized by many spiritual seekers. I am not saying that from the perspective of awakening that is used in terms of spirituality but I am speaking simple common sense as every responsible human being should be doing. It is about time to awaken ourselves to the level of ignorance that we have all allowed. We have neglected our home earth that we all share as one common thing. In our minds we are many and we all have different stories to tell and believes to share and impose. Within that we miss the most important thing – the ground on which we all stand. There is no one else but us here on earth – there are no masters, or angels or gods that actually interfere with our lives here on earth, we are all alone here and yet we abuse our home by pretending that our imagination is more real than what is actually here.

I understand the desire to escape this physical reality, especially since we made so unbearable for ourselves, yet we must realize that there is no easy way out. We must all come together and work towards a solution. Trusting in higher powers and believing that who we have become as our inner demonic nature can be magically healed is very childish and actually implies that we still prefer to be slaves. We must do it ourselves. Here we must be completely self-honest and work on real solution realizing that all previous attempts to solve the world were ineffective, thus we need something new, never before considered.

Consider Desteni – it’s a group of people, a meeting place of beings who really care about all life. It’s a place where personal bubbles that we exist in and as are being burst and thus there is an expansion of self to include unconditionally all parts of existence – positive and negative. It’s a place where real education takes place, where people take self-responsibility for each and every aspect of self in this world. It’s the end of blame, anger, jealousy, depression, fear, desires, addictions, abuse etc. And what remains after all that is removed, the actual, real self gets the opportunity to emerge. Without these distractions we become able to reconnect with life that is here as plants, animal, other human beings and within that realize our common origin and source. And from here we start seeing solutions that benefit not only our personalities but everyone and everything else. From this point the solution of Equal Money was birthed. It’s the answer to all our prayers and it considers all forms of life and most importantly it’s practical and doable solution even within our lifetimes.

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