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2012 The Elixir of Lie?

January 21, 2012

Let’s take a breath, remain here for a moment and let’s look into yet another stupidity that many beings, in today’s world, participate. There exists within people’s minds the believe that the world in 2012 will end/change – big time. This change is apparently some kind of ascension of humanity to another level or dimension of awareness.

It is, of course, a very comfortable believe to be in, because participation within it does not require beings to take responsibility for what is here now. Sure -why bother if the world as we know it will end soon and we will be moving on to a better place. There is no need to take care about what is here, we can just leave all the troubles behind. The same people also believe that this physical reality is not real and so we will transcend the illusion of this world and we will return “home” where we belong.

So that is actually the extent to which people separate themselves from here and fuck themselves into oblivion. It is one of the reasons why this world is the way it is. It is one of the reasons why poverty and starvation is so extreme and why diseases are reaching catastrophic proportions and nature gets destroyed as if no tomorrow exists.

I wish that this believe were true and all those who wish to escape from here would be able to do it and thus leave this place for those that truly care about it and don’t mind staying here. It would really be a good riddance. Because if we look now – they are still here and they use this earth, they feed on it, they feed their thoughts about escape and keep planning their journey to a better place without taking care about this physical reality. Basically they fuck up the living for those that care about this place and want to stay on earth and be a part of what is here.

Obviously to fix this reality which we have neglected for so long requires much dirty work and actual change with real self-honesty to see what we have all been participating within with our thoughts, our feelings and our emotions where we have been moving ourselves  only towards experiences of self-gratification as happiness and love completely ignoring the cries of nature and our fellow human beings and how thus we have manifested this current existence from which we are so willing to get away.

So the first thing we all must do to begin correcting this existence is to start seeing reality as it is without any desire to shape it according to our personal preferences and fears. It is important to educate oneself about all the existing beLIEfs that are misdirecting beings from reality into delusional mind states. Here i will make a very assisting suggestion for all those who are willing to start the process of self-reeducation and self-empowerment where nothing and no one will ever be able to misdirect you from reality where you will develop the ability to recognize all the indicating points of deception. Please visit EQAFE – here is an extensive library of very useful material about all major topics that are necessary to be understood by all people within the process of stopping the bullshit that we currently exist in and as.


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