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What about families in an Equal Money System?

December 4, 2011

Equal Money System will touch and change every aspect of our current existence. So that includes our current family system as well. The best way to look at possible changes that Equal Money will encourage is by taking out the elements of fear and survival and thus seeing what will change.  

So if we take now the family construct we can see that the whole basis of creating a family is to ensure our survival, where we look for the best partner that will ensure the effective support for our kids and family as a whole. It’s the great topic within many movies where the characters have to choose between life that is based on love or money. If you choose love that means you will remain poor. So all this bullshit will be over because within equal money system we can choose partners freely where we do not have to discard them anymore because of their financial status or education.

Actually the education will become now the primary concern because we have to change ourselves and adapt to this new way of living. Perhaps the biggest change will be for the rich and wealthy because   with having lots of money they were able to have servants that were doing all the hard labor in the house and with the kids. So now that there will be no more slaves they will have to adjust to a new way – where every family will be responsible for themselves. So obviously the prediction is that family sizes will rebalance and become smaller. Children will also be protected from exploitation; from the time of their birth they will have the lifelong support and protection from the system and so if there is an abuse within family there will immediately be intervention and the child may simply leave his family and find a better place to spend this time on earth.

Another big thing that will change is the availability of free time. Currently parents have to work their asses off to support the family, to ensure good education for their kids, good housing condition etc. So that obviously is creating a lot of stress and anxiety, and how many stories we hear that children don’t spend time with their parent and develop various regrets and what not. So that will change and dear daddy or mommy will now have plenty of time to get to know their children – for real.

Also I think many will agree that some of that free time parents could spend educating themselves in child education and development studies. We certainly lack that one in our current lives. The knowledge about child development is already here, all we need is time to actually use this knowledge. Science knows exactly how children develop and what are the key areas that parents should be aware of when bringing the child. Surely this knowledge can still be improved from the feedback that we get and thus make it the best possible for our kids.

So we can actually see that families will become something  much better and much more supportive. It’s the birth of new environment where dignity of people is restored as thus care and consideration for each other enhanced.  

Surely no more brainwashing with religious stuff will be allowed because of its destructiveness. It’s total abuse. Life will be the only religion where we will learn to respect all forms of life by bringing ourselves into contact with them for real, not because God told us.

So if you are ready for real life, for real family, join us at Desteni.  

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