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Dogs live like kings in an EMS

December 4, 2011

Wouldn’t you agree that it is time for us to become dog’s best friends?  I am sure those who have or have had a dog will agree and support me in saying that time has come for humans to start actually loving dogs back, it’s time to take care of them and start treating them as equals and not as our slaves. They have always been here for us unconditionally reflecting back to us who we are.  

Within Equal Money System dogs will be considered equally to humans beings, simply because they are. Those who dare say that animals are apparently less than humans have serious mental ailment which is badly affecting their understanding about what life is. Those people definitely need some professional help because that separation from life where they exist as pure knowledge only in the mind is very abusive and it’s a very sad place to be. But no worries within Equal Money System, when people have more time to reflect upon themselves, they will see what they have allowed, where they have actually participated and what kind of system they were supporting.

I say that because I was an abuser myself, I used to beat my dog and I considered that to be completely a normal thing to do. That was my way of educating and making him strong, teaching him to respect me as his master. It’s still a bit hard to see how I have missed the reality by so much, because when I look now into the eyes of my dog I see this absolute innocence and I ask myself how much anger I should have had within me to miss all that and how deep was my brainwashing. I found it extremely hard to forgive myself for doing this atrocity and it took a long time for me to be comfortable with animals again, knowing how I was treating them.

I remember that at some point I simply noticed that my dog was simply reflecting me back to myself. It happened after he almost died 4 times, where he got lost in the forest, then later was drowning in the ice pond, also was hit by a car, and ate a deadly amount of tablets.  All that made me question what is going on and eventually I have found, reflecting back on my own life, that I was also walking on the edge constantly asking for big trouble. And I saw that my dog was just walking with me, he was my real fellow being who has put his trust in me unconditionally and was walking the same patterns. That made me see that I am completely responsible for him and that my choices are not only my own but they affect others as well.

So when people will realize this connection I am sure not many will remain ignorant and we will have a new world where animals will walk as equals, where dogs will live as kings.

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