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Who will become the stars in an EMS?

December 3, 2011

There will be no stars, there will be equal human beings who see and understand that we are all made from the same dust of the earth like everything else in this world. We will, through the process of re-education come to understand that the only thing that was separating us from each other was our ideas and believes that were programmed into us to keep us mesmerized and blind from reality.

Within our system, naturally people have this tendency to elevate others, to put them on the podium where they can adore and worship them. The believe that we are less than God creates within us the desire to reach for our Godliness, however as the pressure placed by the system upon us is so heavy, majority of us see no way of climbing up the ladder and thus we start to adore the lucky ones that have found a way to uplift themselves. And thus the stars are born. There is a believe that our current stars, having reached this “brightness”, have also reached happiness. Fortunately this fallacy is slowly but surely being exposed and people begin to see the disease, the actual darkness beyond the presented beauty.

In the Equal Money System no one will be worshiped and no one will be considered more than another. There will be no monuments built for anyone’s achievements and no stars placed on anybody’s shoulders. Yes, we can be grateful to those who will be effective in supporting humanity, to those who will find ways for humanity to actually evolve by discovering or creating beneficial things. But the expression of our gratefulness should be simple. There is simply no need to do the worshipping thing. I mean time has already proved to us that this is destructive. By making somebody more we make ourselves less and thus we create a polarity of inferiority and superiority which creates more problems.

Also when we look within equal money system there will be no need to have stars or idols because life will be free. Meaning that in the current system people were suppressed and unable to freely express themselves, but now that the fear is removed people will reclaim the dignity and courage to live. When one lives life fully no external sources to make you happy are required.

So join us and make this happen quicker so that we can all enjoy ourselves before we leave this earth.

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