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Will there still be judicial systems?

November 28, 2011

The judicial system will have to be corrected from its foundation. At the moment it operates solely on the purpose of dealing with events that already have happened. It is only here to “lick the wounds” of our sick society. Our judicial system is not dealing with the cause of why criminal activity happens and does not attempt to remove that cause but it’s only keeping the status quo of the current system which is obviously not what’s best for all but it only protects and serves those few with money and power.

There are thousands of people, including law enforcement officers, lawyers, judges, government officials who are all dependent on criminal activity because that ensures that they have work and thus ensures their survival. They are the least interested group of people to have the criminal element out of the system. Judicial system is only here until there is criminal activity, thus it is common sense that we want the judicial system to not exist.

In the Equal Money System all force will be directed towards prevention. We as human are not stupid, ok maybe we are , actually we are really stupid,  but we do already understand what are the problems we have in our society. So we only need to actually be willing to implement measures of prevention. As I said our current judicial system is not interested in finding a solution, it became an entity that is ensuring its own survival where it feeds upon criminals.

The so called new judicial system will be transformed to care about having the best conditions for humans to exist. That means it will be concerned about the prevention of any harm. So when there will be any signs showing that something is wrong our justice will be to intervene immediately and correct the situation, not allowing it to take it’s natural course and end up harming someone. We all will care and our institutions that we create, like judicial system, will reflect that care.

Within the new system all people will be treated equally, there will be no corruption and no personal favors – the only rule and law will be to have an outcome that is best for all. All disagreements will be solved with this equation.  

So when all the humans, animals and plants on this planet have a safe space to exist and to grow into its fullest potential then we can say that our judicial system is in place and working. Until then much work to be done.

So join us in the birthing of the new system that cares for all life. Visit our site for more useful information that will get you on track HERE

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