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Equal Money–where Life is a holiday

November 28, 2011

Stop for a moment and consider how life could be different from what it is now. Equal money in the simplest terms is the end of slavery and the beginning of freedom.

Let’s zoom in to see in detail how it can work.

Let’s start from the beginning – birth of a child. Here immediately the baby steps into a world that ensures lifelong support of all basic needs – it’s all given by virtue of simply being alive here. So that means there is no element of fear anymore and thus the growth of the baby will not be restricted and directed by structures that previously were here to ensure survival. Now the parent will not bring up the child according to what is best for survival but according to interaction with the child where it will be seen how the development of the child proceeds and what interest he may grow to enjoy.

No one will push the child to become a doctor unless he wants to be one because of his caring nature and deep concern for the suffering of people. Isn’t that the type of doctor you want to go to when you have a disease? And this is only one small example of all the existing types of jobs – considering that alone and the possible changes is mind-blowing.

Within Equal Money System we will also have much more time available for ourselves. In the current system the number of hours we spend at work is total nonsense and is simply not necessary. Much of what we have today is simply here to keep people busy. The believe that we have to earn our living is very deeply imprinted into our being and which as a consequence produces too much unnecessary activity that has a huge variety of negative side effects to nature, animals, other human beings. So once we correct this in the Equal Money System people will have much more free time to enjoy whatever they like to do best. This is the time to get to know oneself, to find the ways of self-expression. Whether you like dancing, drawing, sports, science, education, travelling etc. – all that will be available for all. It is a never ending holiday where we learn about what it means to live.

Equal Money System is a fairy tale come true. I think we already know our current existence and we know that when somebody says “and they lived happily ever after “that that is bullshit. Equal Money however changes that and makes our dreams come true. Now for the first time we have a chance to step into this new existence where every day will be a new journey of self-exploration and expansion. 

And so if we walk bravely into this new world we can actually live happily ever after. Join us


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