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No more banksters in an Equal Money System

November 26, 2011

Bankster is a word made up of two words “banker” and “gangster”. This is a very accurate word play revealing the real nature of what is actually happening behind the doors of a bank. While media makes us believe that the real danger is lurking in the dark streets of our towns in the form of criminals with guns and knives we miss the actual problem – the banksters. They are all part of a banking system. Banksters are the servants of banKING. The KING that rules us all, who dictates who eats and who starves to death, who lives in luxury and who lives in poverty.  

In an Equal Money System we say let’s ban this king of banking. So if we look at the banks we can see that this whole system is not operating in the interest of all. In time it became rather a complex system and people that effectively participate in it are those that had a good education or some kind of training where they learned how to move within all these names, terms and definition of the banking language. Basically only those people are part of the banking system that were born in rich and wealthy families that already have access and understanding about the banking system. Those that do not possess money and knowledge are very unlikely to have use of the banking system. Thus we can say that the banking system works only for the rich, wealthy and knowledgeable people.  

If you have no money in this world and have a hard time finding a job you are screwed and you will have very hard time getting money from the bank because you are simply too much of a risk.

If we look at it in simple terms it’s really abusive system – it’s like a person is coming to this king and says ok give me please some money I agree to pay it back plus I will also pay the interest. Which in already puts the person in a position of debt and a form of slavery. Still the bank says no, I will not give you any money because I cannot be sure that you will pay it back, you first have to prove that you are able to repay that money. So here you don’t even get a chance to prove it, because you don’t have money to start with. It’s similar to our job system where young people cannot find jobs because they don’t have experience of work and when they can’t get a job they can’t get the experience. So we can see that many people exist in this loophole where they are unable to get into the system.

So it’s the ground upon which we were brought up was not equal for all, many people just didn’t have that initial support, mostly in the form of education, where they could become effective within the system that we all live in.

So we can see clearly that banking and banksters are not here to support all people and serve life but only to serve the few. And this kind of system definitely does not qualify to remain in an Equal Money System where everything exists only for one purpose – to be and do what’s best for all.

In an Equal Money System such thing as profit is irrelevant because all will have equal access to all that is here. The banking system is stimulated by profit, fear, greed. There is just no place for that.

Also if we take the dear gangsters banksters of current system, the question also is -would they want to continue to do what they are doing in an Equal Money System or would they do something else, something they enjoy doing?

Of course there are people who enjoy screwing others but still that is a minority and in an Equal Money System they will get necessary attention and care from psychologists to correct these destructive patterns and become real human beings that care about life.

Either way the banksters will no longer exist and so if they do not have any better skill they will just have to re-train themselves and learn some activity that will benefit life and not destroy and enslave it.

The whole banking system with all its technological development will be modified into a logistic system that will deal with planning and management of resources for the people of the world. Who knows maybe banksters can do this work and be as effective in correcting this world as they were effective in fucking it up.

Equal Money System – join the birthing of the world you all dreamed about.

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