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Who will enforce the Equal Money System?

October 30, 2011

I think we all had enough examples in this world, currently and in the past, where we observed the mechanics of the so called forces of enforcement, one kind or another. Majority of people want change and sometimes they go and they fight for it, forcing their opinions and ideas onto others who are not always agreeing on the same things. So we see endless wars where each is trying to enforce his own beliefs and ideas. In other words the enforcement doesn’t really work because there is no agreement of the majority on any one solution, the separation is still too great and therefore there is no clear vision about the possible future. People are too much ingrained in the current system which still in some way supports them in surviving. And that is what matters to people mostly these days – surviving another day. And until this system provides for that – it is ok, don’t make ripples please. And of course I do agree with them because we can see that those that make the ripples have no clue how the system actually works and what solutions have to be implied if they were to succeed in overtaking the current rulers.

Equal money system, although is not based on any kind of believe, idea or desire of any single individual, but on simple recognition of the universal principle of doing what is best for all – which clearly requires no believe but a simple consideration for all forms of life – yet it still cannot be forced on people who are thousands of miles away, so to speak, from the realization that what is best for all is best for them as well. So here we, beings who have already realized the problem and recognized the solution, will have to equip ourselves with extreme patience, will have to educate ourselves to extreme effectiveness of getting the message of equality across in the most effective ways possible and also just wait.

I mean the current money system is already showing extensive symptoms of its diseased nature and within that more and more parts of the system become uncared and neglected.

And that is exactly where we come in with our questions like “have you had enough suffering?”, “how much more suffering you need to hear what we are saying?”

So this is exactly what is pushing people to hear – it’s the collapse of the current money system and the slow realization that the recovery is not possible as the system is rotten at the very foundation and therefore requires big reevaluation. The self-destructive pattern is closing in – the strings on/by which people live their lives are slowly braking apart and they find themselves in the emptiness of their own creation – and that is where the self-enforcement is possible. From here one either moves himself or simply gives up and ends. That is not a suggestible solution especially when there is another solution – the solution of EQUAL MONEY, which is a DREAM COME TRUE system for each, because it considers each and every one.

So let’s enforce the change on ourselves, let’s stop waiting and simply ask ourselves the question – what can be better than that which is best for all?

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