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Who will do the shitty jobs?

October 23, 2011

Ok so there are certain BASIC requirements necessary to maintain this world system running effectively and smoothly. Just to mention a few is things like the maintenance of roads, electrical grid systems, sewage, recycling, cleaning, production and distribution of goods etc.

Most of these jobs in today’s world is considered to be low level jobs or even dirty and shitty. So obviously that shows a rather big gap of understanding and extensive separation of people from practical matters of this world. We as human beings are placing more value on intellect and knowledge which most of the time has no connection to reality and thus we create all these complex forms of hierarchy and inequality. That in turn creates the possibility of abuse and also the opportunities to take advantage of each other. And that is exactly what we are doing and what needs changing.

So within Equal Money System, where the status and level of knowledge of people will not be able to be used anymore to put one on some advantageous position, we need a new approach. So, here we propose that within Equal Money System these so called “shitty” job points of effectively maintaining our survival should be covered through the principle of conscription. It will be a 4 year period during which one will have to make his contribution to the chosen field of world support structure.

“the conscription period is gonna be so much fun: after school you go out into the world to learn and discover how the world functions, what you are able to do/skills/talents/what you enjoy doing/are good at, perhaps combined with the option of working in other countries as more and more the boundaries of states dissipate –so it’s a period of not only world-support, but equally of self-discovery, travelling and youth communication/socialization = in fact Real education for Life for-Real!” – Bella Bargilly

This new approach will slowly take us away from the delusion of the mind’s virtual reality and bring us back in contact with what is actually real and actually matters  

“Each one will now get a close look, a firsthand experience of what it takes actually to make life possible in this world, what it takes to sustain and maintain a system of life as we are currently living in.” Marlen Vargas Del Razo

It really sounds amazing and it is. Of course there will be some things that will disappear within this new system, the things we currently enjoy and value. Yes, naturally because there will be no more slaves that will do the job for you, entertaining you, making sure you are satisfied so that you give your money to them because they need to feed themselves. Now everyone will be provided with the basics – no more slaves. 

We simply have to understand that we have been programmed with all our likes and dislikes and we require re-education where we will develop new likes that will be in accordance with practical living and sustainability of all life forms. We can no longer accept within ourselves and our world any form of entertainment that is detrimental to most forms of life.

And even when we do the simple math we can see that most of our current lives we spend in stressful jobs ensuring our security with just a few moments of happiness, which btw most of the time is actually just a short break from stress, it’s not real joy of life.

So the conscription plan will last only 4 years, giving us the rest of the lifetime to do whatever we enjoy doing and all that without being in constant fear and stress of surviving the next day

“what kinds of madman would complain about the 4-year subscriptions? Do we not already have to spend at least 20 years in education system nowadays in order to even have the chance to be able to live a secure life? jzzeeesh.” Robert Wier

 We all come from dust and to dust we will return – so why do we need to hold on to the in-between illusions and believes that we have to be something more. Let’s get down to basics, the eternal source of ourselves from where we sprout – and there is a way, the solution of Equal Money System is here to bring extraordinary changes.

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