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Is Fracking a Desperate measure?

October 8, 2011

Fracking is the name used to describe hydraulic fracturing, a method of oil and natural gas extraction that involves the use of fluid pressure (typically a mixture of water, some sand and chemicals) to fracture rock layers in order to release oil or natural gas that is trapped inside. (Simon Shoucair)


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It is well know that this method of extraction is very damaging to the environment especially regarding water pollution, which by the way is already at extremely high levels. So the governments recognizing this fact still are lifting the bans and welcoming the process. What does that tell us? Also the recent  gas production fall by 25% in the North Sea.

Does that mean we are running out of energy? The saying that goes around the internet regarding this issue is: “Desperate times call for desperate measures”

It is fucking obvious that we have trapped ourselves without having any real visible solution. From the systems point of view we cannot stop the extraction because that would mean the end of what we have created, the whole system runs on this energy that we get from the earth.  Yet at the same time the destructive process of extraction and the volumes that will be required to sustain everything will cause inevitable pollution to the degree where our ability to sustain life will again be greatly compromised. It’s a Dead end…

No one sees yet the solution of Equal Money System. All we look at is how to prolong the time, even if the cost of it is extreme and calls for more suffereing in the near future. Are we ready yet for the simplicity of Equal Money?


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