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Frustration, alcohol and suicide

September 29, 2011

Walking the day it is easy to notice the frustration, anger, dissatisfaction and irritation within people. I found that it is important to be very careful and gentle while communicating in public, and it’s because many people are really on the edge of breaking down from the hardness of the way of life that we all together accepted and allowed actually, whether through active participation or silent obedience.

Our current system is really demanding in term of what we have to do just to be able to provide for ourselves the most basic needs. Let’s take my home country for example, Lithuania,  the prices of housing and food are very high in relation to average salaries which creates a rather stressful existence for most people where there is no certainty even about the near future.

Still in face of all that you don’t meet many people interested in any solution to this mess. All that matters is getting through another day, another week, getting to the end of the week. Weekend here is very important, it’s the time to have some fun, to forget everything for a while – and of course alcohol is irreplaceable companion and friend that manages to delete all frustration, all anger, and sadly all will to stand up and face this disastrous “life”.   

So either way the reality gets back each and every Monday.  Here we have a nice saying that is used ever more often – goes like that “even the dogs get used to being hanged” – it is a literal translation and doesn’t really make sense but it says basically that if the dogs can get used to extreme abuse, being hanged in this case, then it means that a man can bear much more than that. So this kind of thinking gives a lot of space for suffering – to the point of death actually – perhaps such saying and self-programming is one of the reasons why Lithuania has the biggest suicide rates.

Of course the conditions for life are getting worse in all other countries as well and still following the news and media nowhere the real solutions are considered. We can take here UK for example and how they are dealing with the recession. UK has drastically increasing unemployment rates where hundreds of people lose jobs every day. Despite of all that alcohol business is booming – there are 100 new breweries opening that will provide good quality ale. That’s exactly what people need in times of distress – to forget, while drinking themselves stupid, that there exists any recession at all.  

You don’t have to be a genius to predict the future consequences of these “solutions” – more chaos and destruction seems inevitable. London has already experienced a sample of that and still heading for more. Not the best place to live at the moment.

Still the question remains – how much more suffering we still need in this world until we can see the solution – the simplicity of Equal Money System and essentially the forgiveness of all past. It is impossible to correct our current system, it is impossible to repay our debts – time to let go of all hope that in some way the politicians or other activists will find a way out of it. It’s time to take back our power – investigate the proposed solution that will ensure stable and supportive future for us and our children.

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