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Madness of Water

September 19, 2011

“The present civilization is the work of man, who has buit up in his own autocratic way a superficial world which threatens to destroy him. He should be master of the world, but due to his behavior and activities, he has destroyed Nature’s unity and order…The power behind this is our intellect and senseless progress of technology and lawless culture it has created, which has brought about the interruption of the natural flow of water in the earth” – Olaf Andersson

Water is life -that is extremely abused by humans in a variety of ways. Yes definitely the natural flow of water is interrupted and we have now the water that is mad and is showing finally the stupid human who is actually in control here. We see examples all over, on the big scale and on individual level. We see increased cunamis and floods destroying buildings and people’s lives, we see increased contamination and disease emerging from water to invade it’s creator, we see also droughts and increasing lack of water killing millions in need.

We as human mostly consist of water. Thus the madness of disturbed water is what we are becoming. We can see that in ourselves when we start drowning in the oceans of our emotions unable to hold our water in stillness any longer. Sometimes even the slightest ripples send rushing cunamis our way.  We can already see around us more and more uncontrollable explosions of rage and anger.

It is becoming very important now and more so in the near future to learn about the movement of your own water, the movement of yourself as water as everything that you are, and in that become able to stand stable in face of anything coming your way.

So, for all those who don’t want to drown and who want to learn how to swim when real cunamis hits – visit desteni, and investigate the material where you will get all the basic understanding about how you, as a human robot, function and how to make sure you, as the water that you are, always remain still and stable.

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