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smiling prostitutes

August 25, 2011

At work I met recently a guy, very shortly we spoke. In that minute of conversation he managed to tell his story, his adventures that he enjoyed recently in Taiwan. There he spent two months, for sixty days every day he slept there with a different girl. The story was accompanied with laughter and pride and excitement. There was another guy, a family man, standing together with us and applauding the craziness of the hero, exposing his own hidden desires. I have to admit I got lost in this moment, had no clue how to respond to this, so I just remained silent slightly moving my head to the sides with a smile of “yeah man you are fucking crazy” – I saw quickly within myself that I was actually still participating in this and turned away stopping my reactions completely – they both looked at me waiting for approval and confirmation that this way of life is really crazy and cool and is acceptable, until one is single, as the family man justified. I went away from them without any response or further reaction. i don’t see any use to talk to these guys trying to change their minds, they really look too far gone.

Later that night I still pondered on that issue and how could i respond to that kind of situation in the future if it happened again. I have just watched also a movie called “the day my God died” which tells stories of young girls tricked and sold into extreme prostitution. It’s definitely a movie showing what is happening behind the curtains.  And it’s definitely not the kind of story that people, enjoying their unattached lifestyle, want to hear.

Now when I look at this again I would like to ask that guy how come that he thinks that what he is doing is all right. I have heard many people saying that prostitution is ok because the girls selling their bodies are willingly doing it and are enjoying it. In the past this argument actually made me more relaxed on this issue, as I believed it to be true and even my eyes also observed that the girls in these prostitution sites look really joyfully when inviting the customers etc. But later, when I was moving in my process of self-purification I began to see things more clearly, I started seeing things not as I want them to be but as they are. I saw that people giving the excuse mentioned above, that girls do it because they enjoy it, is just a form of justification to keep doing the behavior that gives you the pleasure. And in this people will not look at any indications or side effects because it’s simply not in their interest to stop that behavior. They only see that, which supports their believes and are completely blind to the rest. So perhaps, If they would stop the rush of energy when looking into the smiling face of a prostitute they would see the cry from deep within, asking to stop the abuse. In the movie that I mentioned this point was very clearly exposed where girls told exactly how they feel inside when outwardly they look cheerful and happy. One of girls in the video said: “on the outside I would smile, but inside I feel terrible, really really dirty”.

I’ll put here the link for the video – I hope these stories will break down some justification made by people when not taking time to see what is happening behind the “beautiful” picture. Let’s learn to put ourselves in the shoes of everyone and anyone and see whether we can stand in them and be cool with that. – “the day my god died”

And of course again the real cause and cure for this and most other problems in this world is Money – thus Equal Money System as a real practical solution to correct what is already here.

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