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Anti-Hate campaign: diversity

August 1, 2011

It’s a response to the video “Shaving your head for EQULITY” made by inspirediam


So talking about diversity here, I can see that this allowance is creating a lot of complexity and separation. If we allow diversity to spread without questioning all aspects of it – then we get what we already have actually – a world completely fucked where nobody can agree on any single point because of that desire to keep diversity, everyone glorifying their uniqueness – even though it is not serving all life equally but is serving only the individual, or a group of people, or a culture.

So it is very important to first establish the foundation, the starting point of each expression in this world. If we all together as humanity would realize that we are all made from the same substance – the dust of the earth – which make us all one whole organic unity – and where we realize the responsibility that we carry for each other as we ARE each other – coming from the same source all equal and one at the source – and only just here at the surface we multiply into separate individual parts calling ourselves by various different names. So if our expression in this world by each being manifests with this realization of who we really are beyond the surface – then we can easily, without any fear have any sort of diversity because all diversity and uniqueness will be based on that realization and thus will be for the benefit of all – and currently our external personalities somehow started believing that it is only my PERSONALITY that matters – which if we look closely has a big gap in understanding about the importance of preserving life – look at nature how it is destroyed, children , how they are abused, plants and sea life completely contaminated. Does the personality also believe that it can continue withut honoring these things I here mentioned?

So from our current understanding which is reflected all around us we can definitely say that humans cannot be trusted with diversity. Because that diversity has very evil intentions. So the solution would be to completely destroy all things that separate us from each other and let’s get back to unquestionable things we can all agree upon – which is our physical reality that we can touch and which is simply here, not an idea or an opinion which requires believe. So when we all start with that, then we can start speaking in common language and finally understand each other – and see that oh fuck we are actually coming from the same source and we are actually living here together and yeah we should respect each other equally and give everyone chance in this reality to express themselves as we would like to express ourselves. Here in this way, with dignity restored we can diversify and grow. Before that no diversity please.

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