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Anti-Hate Campaign: Ignorant happy fellow

July 12, 2011

Hi it’s my response to the video “DESTENI PRODUCTIONS SCAM? Top 3 Things To Question About Desteni Productions”

So the guy has been, very simplistically speaking, fucked by light and love. What does that mean? I can speak here from my own experience as I was also caught in this web of self-delusion. It all comes basically from the lack of understanding about the system that we exist in and as. After I have seen for myself how we exist within the polarity of good and bad, the positive and negative, beautiful and ugly etc. it was all so obvious and now it’s really amazing to see how people continue to deluded themselves unwilling to let go of their believes. And of course that is because of the good feelings they get, apparently having figured it all out where they are finally living the dream. So people stuck on spirituality will pretend that all is ok with them and the world and they will do nothing, they will just sit on their asses until hemorrhoids develops and maybe then – a small visit to the doctor will open their eyes and they will realize – oh fuck, I am still here in my physical body. Uhmmm…

So, I mean it might take for this guy some big shit to fall on his head to realize that – maybe I should look once or twice again at my whole world and see that I might be missing something here. And then hopefully after more thorough investigation of his reality a realization will follow –that maybe possibly definitely my extreme positivity is not only creating more positivity, but there are also side effects – which, I agree, in the state of self-deluded happiness are not so easily recognized and accepted. I mean when one sees the whole creation, not just the happy side of it – conclusions and decisions must be made, where you have to answer yourself in complete self-honesty – do I end all my justifications and start living life and doing what is best for all or do I continue deliberate abuse as an ignorant happy fellow.

Yeah so in the end it’s about self-responsibility. At desteni – a place where many common people come together, we saw that the only solution that can really work in this world must be a practical one, utilizing the political means, getting stacks of money etc.– and working up slowly the solution exactly the same way the problems were worked up.

Join Equal Money System and Desteni I Process

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