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Anti-Hate Campaign: Why charity does not work

July 9, 2011

Hi it’s me again responding to the next video. Another day – another topic to look at. So, this video is called “Desteni – Life Less Than Cause” and it actually brings quite a few points that could be looked at. Ok so one point is where the person mentioned that desteni people should be more active in the area around them – which basically means doing social work, maybe giving charity etc. And that is cool – perhaps even still justifiable for a person who is not yet aware what he/she is actually doing with such acts of goodness.

We can see the same tendencies throughout the system – within the financial, healthcare system etc. When we have a disease we only cure the symptoms of the disease so that we would be able to continue the same destructive behavior which led us to having this disease in the first place. The only goal we achieve through such means is a temporary moment of peace but much greater consequence to be faced ahead. The common sense is obvious here – we cannot fix the problem by not dealing with the cause – when the boat is leaking – getting out the water with a bucket will not get you far – one has to deal with the hole in the boat. So, our hole in this world is the whole capitalistic system. So it’s a big fucking hole which will produce endless points of abuse, poverty, violence, corruption and we can eternally try and feed the hungry, comfort the abused one, catch a few corrupt fuckers – yet the system as a whole will pour the same shit on us over and over again – and that’s exactly what’s been happening for many years already, many organization fight poverty, starvation – yet it increases regardless of the fact that there is enough food to easily feed the whole world.

Another problem, even with those who realize the problems mentioned above – is that int the past  there was rebelling against the current system – but it was done without having any substitute to replace the current system – so, then people usually say – yes the current system is not perfect but at least it works – yes it’s true if you know no better — but not this time – now there is a solution and there is no excuse. EQUAL MONEY SYSTEM – is here, tested and ready to serve the needs of all beings in existence, human and non-human.

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