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Anti-Hate Campaign: Believes are lies

July 8, 2011

Hi, today I am responding to yet another Desteni hater’s video. I am starting to enjoy this process as it assists me with learning to spot the obvious points that people tend to misunderstand and within that hopefully I can clarify these points for them – of course if they are willing to hear.

So, from this video I want to take the initial point mentioned by the person which is the word beLIEve. And how the word Lie that we see within the word believe actually reveals us the truth. So the answer is within the word we just have to open our eyes and be willing to use them to see what is actually happening here.

So what is a believe? I believe in something or someone – yet this believe in someone or something requires faith because it’s not something I know in fact. Many people believed that the world is flat and the believe was strong and many lives were based on that believe, all things were explained in the world based on this foundational believe that the world is flat – let’s try and imagine that we have teacher at school – geography teacher – who has based all this knowledge on this believe that the world is flat and suddenly all his knowledge in one moment becomes worthless because the world is round and now everything he knows is no longer valid. It’s cool if this teacher is willing to accept the new information and change himself and re – educate himself, but if we have a stubborn bastard who is not very happy with the change – he will fight for his lie. And that’s exactly what we see – we still have many people unwilling to accept even the simplest reality – I mean we still have people unable to let go the believe in God and take responsibility for their world. And just look what this believe is creating – war, ignorance, abdication of responsibility, complete blindness, endless arguments, total separation etc.

I say it’s time to stop all believes and deal only with what is here as the real reality – something we all have in common as all beings on this earth. Let’s stop all our mind creations for a change and let’s bring ourselves back to earth where we can see that all the creation here on earth is constructed by ourselves and that there is no one that can influence me to do anything – there is no God – it’s actually only myself who makes the choice in every moment whether to act on self interest by supporting the current system of abuse or do I make the choice to stand up and say no more and live the solution with a group of people who actually care – Desteni and Equal Money System is here – If you can see the simplicity be thankful to God – that he is out of your way – in that way God is real and he cares, you care

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