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Anti-Hate Campaign: Resisting the real message

July 7, 2011

Hi, this is my response to “Bad form DesteniProductions”. So watching this video I was surprised how one can get stuck on some ideas completely avoiding what really matters. From what I see the man in the video is actually scared to face himself – he is scared to face the so called bad part of himself. And that’s why he reacted to Hitler and Stalin as they represent that evil nature of humanity. He prefers the polite way of living where people close their eyes when faced with ugly things in hope that it will disappear.

I mean many people fear the reality because of what it has become and the process of accepting what is here can be slow and a bit painful yet it is not necessary to attack people who take action – who are doing what they can to bring the realizations forward so that all could learn and change. Desteni is presenting the information as it is without sugarcoating it or honoring what is here – if it is not serving the interest of all – it has to be exposed for what it is.

The guy in the video also argues a lot about the afterlife speculating his believes and opinions. It looks really useless deviation from the real matters – I mean the question must be asked whether that is actually relevant – is it really relevant who is coming through the portal and in what accent and language is the message presented. I mean the message itself, the common sense that is presented – is what really matters.

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