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Anti-Hate Campaign: ending separation

July 7, 2011

Hi, I am here responding to the video “Desteni: The good follower”. It’s another video that unfortunately demonstrates total separation from common sense reality. Alright, either way it’s important to look at it – define the disease and find the cure.

Disease is as usual – laziness to do proper research and regardless of that keep jumping to the conclusions – pretending to know what the fuck is happening. Here I’ll take the point that’s been mentioned about desteni members and that they are apparently extracting/separating themselves from society etc. This statement is complete bullshit and immediately reveals the level of understanding of the person who did the video.

Now any person spending a little more time on researching desteni will see that it’s exactly the opposite that is happening here. Desteni members, by all means possible, are going out into the society and are spreading the message. In desteni we stand as the realization that all the separation from society, no matter how fucking mad that society is, must end and that we have to take self-responsibility for every manifested form that is here. There is no fighting and no denial, but simply working on a solution that, in time to come, would be able to serve as a foundation for a new world.

It’s obvious that the way people in our society are coexisting is not supportive for majority of beings. The capitalistic system on which we stand supports only few select beings and leaves out the rest to suffer and be slaves from birth to death. So, simply observing the humans and their ever growing tendencies for greed I can easily predict the future – the current system will collapse.

The question is – what will emerge after that? If you are one of those who doesn’t like to leave the matters in the hands of chance but you are willing to be a directive force that will ensure that what happens next is actually what is best for all – support EQUAL MONEY SYSTEM. It’s a system that leaves no chance for any form of abuse to exist.

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