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The nearing disaster

July 5, 2011

Greater Manchester Police dealt with eight-year-olds suspected of sex abuse on other children in Tameside and Salford, as well as one allegedly behind a kidnapping in Rochdale

Police in Fife recorded 143 cases, including two eight-year-olds behind a rape in Levenmouth

Avon and Somerset Police logged crimes against five six-year-old boys, including a sex attack, vandalism and an assault

In Essex, investigation identified a four-year-old as being responsible for vandalism and an eight-year-old committed a racially aggravated assault

Officers in Falkirk found a three-year-old boy and a four-year-old girl were responsible for a spate of vandalism

It’s taken from the article Criminals’ aged just 3…and there is nothing police can do in the “Daily Mail” newspaper

I am sure for many people the fear to look into the mind of a child that is doing such things from this early age is enormous, but we cannot ignore and close our eyes any more –  the problem simply has to be addressed before it escalates and is completely out of control. I read in the papers daily how the acceptable line of abuse and violence is being expanded because of our inaction to prevent what is happening. And here is another article – it says that it’s no longer a crime to swear at the police – this is in Britain – so cops cannot do anything when they are bullied on the streets by cranky lads. Wow – It looks like the story that is unfolding just before our eyes is leading us humans into a very dark place where we will meet our own creation. And – lol – beware, because now the age of that creation that you can possibly meet is reduced to just 3 years old – will you even suspect that this little bastard can possess a gun and knows how to use it?

Support Equal Money System – which will take the problem from its roots and possibly even stop some of the unnecessary suffering that is about to knock on many doors

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