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Anti-Hate Campaign: Free Choice to be a Hater

June 11, 2011

We have yet another Hater who is determined to discredit Desteni group. Here is the video “Desteni Preacher of Hate, Bernard Poolman – Part 1”. The Hater starts the video with his general interpretation about what Desteni is, but let’s not be concerned with the conclusions and rather go more specifically into this person’s core mind-set to understand the disease and from there we will better see how the conclusions were derived.
Right away we see the topic of free choice coming up where the hater says: “It (Desteni) suppresses free speech and forcibly attempts to sensor criticism and opposition”. Yes, for a newcomer it might appear so, especially if the newcomer comes to Desteni and starts endless arguments about things that have been discussed many times before. That’s exactly why at Desteni we encourage people to first study the material before starting the participation, otherwise whatever we are doing as a group will take forever if we have to explain the same points again and again. There is tons of information on every point from all possible angles on the internet, yet so many people are too lazy to do a proper research before coming to participate.
Now if one has done proper research and still insists on having free choice as free speech it’s important to understand the real reasons behind that choice to have a choice and also the consequences of it.
Basically people that insist on having a free choice, as a free speech in this case, are all haters and abusers of life. When someone claims to have a free choice – in essence it’s like saying fuck what is Real, I want to have it MY WAY. At Desteni we have learned that such thing as a free choice does not exist. There is only ONE REALITY which cannot be chosen, it simply is. Choice is the illusion of the mind that takes one away into the labyrinths of confusion to make one miss the simplicity of life here. Thus at Desteni we do not supress free speech but we simply discard it as irrelevant unless of course this free speech is expressed in a way that helps to bring freedom for ALL. In that case the free speech is in alignment with the principle of LIFE that we at Desteni stand for and thus acceptable and welcome.
Now back to the choice to be a Hater. Hate is an energetic experience and because human beings became so dependent on energy to “live”, hate became just one way to get the“fuel” to run “the machine”. Let’s take the Hater mentioned above – he/she is not willing to stop hate and work as an equal towards the solution to the world’s problems. If he/she stops hatred that will mean the end of him/her as a Hater and the end of the energetic rush that he/she gets when in the mode of hate. Thus he/she will insist on the free choice/free speech to continue blissfully hating everyone and feeling alive when doing so. The same person that is able to show extensive hatred towards someone most probably has strong affection and love towards other people thus completing the POLARITY – the basic principle of the mind mechanism. And that’s how we live in the divided world of rich and poor, love and hate, good and evil.
At Desteni we say that it is not necessary to have the division – we say that the SOURCE from which we all sprout is COMMON for ALL and if we can realize that here on earth then we will never live as separate bubbles of self-interest but we will always act within that understanding making decision that benefit all Life equally. Here Love and Hate will disappear as they will not be necessary, you don’t need to Love someone to do what’s best for him, you do it simply because you realize that we are all just but a different expressions of the same, one and equal, source of life. And in the end we can see that the only one you can possibly hate is yourself – but is that necessary?

Check out Desteni I Process where we learn and teach each other new ways of coexisting and creating a space where hatred has no place, but where we live in agreement to support each other to act in ways that benefit all of existence within realization that we are existence.

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