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The Anti-Hate Campaign: Recognizing Haters

June 7, 2011

When listening to people, that criticize Desteni or sometimes go as far as making hateful comments towards the group, it’s always funny and also sad to see the amount of irrationality, senselessness, ridiculousness and absurdity that these people present. So far watching them speak and reading their writings I find one thing they all have in common – they have a lot of fear and hatred which makes them completely blind.

Let’s take for example the case of the “patient” named Thom Darc. To illustrate this analysis we will use his first ever Anti-Desteni video that he made. So, the guy has clearly suicidal tendencies which are quite obvious watching the video. In his video he basically presents his conclusions about Desteni and he does that despite doing a proper research and without investigating thoroughly what Desteni actually stands for. He did not apply the tools that Desteni presents, but only took all the information as knowledge and created ideas about it in his mind never daring to live for real the knowledge and test it. “Throwing out some thoughts” is what he is doing according to him in this video. Now that is really destructive pattern that very sadly affects not only himself but people that might come across.

Let’s use an analogy and imagine that we have an outbreak of a disease that has affected thousands of people. Suddenly a cure appears and many people that began using the medication started improving dramatically. But suddenly there appears a guy who heard some rumours about possible ill effects of the drug and he starts to spread the message before knowing in fact what is really happening. Some people hear him speak and start doubting the medicine and thus hesitate to take it allowing the disease to spread uncured. And to take a story a little further let’s say many people die and many people lose their loved ones because of the doubt that was inflicted thanks to the guy who was too lazy to do a proper research. All I can say that I would not like to be in his position when everyone finds out that the cure that was available could have saved their loved ones.

So, returning to the video, we can see that it was mostly filled with hidden hatred and fear towards desteni people. I am sure many will agree that when a man is influenced by any emotion his ability to see things clearly is greatly diminished. No specific issue was mentioned throughout the video that would allow for normal people to engage in a rational conversation trying to see the points that are problematic and doubtful.

So we have to be careful to not allow people like this to misguide those that are more easily influenced by others opinion. It is important that we all become self-responsible in educating ourselves to be more efficient researching any type of information, making sure we are not making any premature conclusions about anything. We have to choose our information sources carefully – I would suggest one of the criteria should be looking at the overall stability of the person presenting the information. If a person expresses a lot of emotion, nervousness in his/her presentation like the person in the video we just analysed – that is already a huge sign that the person is biased and cannot look at matters objectively. One has to be mad himself to follow such person’s direction. Observing all facial expressions is another thing that can give some insight into beings condition.

Check out Desteni I Process where we all together learn the intricacies of human behavior mostly by analyzing ourselves we learn to see others. We make ourselves immune to haters and abusers of life.

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