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Parents as Model Liars

May 31, 2011

Children are taught many stories which are designed for the purpose of making them more honest and truthful beings. These are but a little MOMENTS OF EDUCATION where parents give some of their attention trying to change what is actually HERE. Here, as it has been found by research – is the fact that every person lies at least 3 times during 10 minute conversation. From this I think we can easily conclude that our children’s exposure to lies and deception is much greater than parent’s efforts to teach their children honest communication.

If we look at our children and the way they learn things we can see that they are like copy machines observing their outside reality and from that shaping their understanding and personality. Children are equal to the environment they are raised in. Thus if we truly wish for a better future we must start paying much more attention towards understanding our environment and ourselves within it, because it is us who create the environment. We should start investigating every little particle of our daily lives, become more consideratewithin all our actions as they are indeed what shapes the future generations.

We should gain insight in questions like: Why do we lie so much? Is there another way to live? Is the current way of life worth fighting for, defending? What are we afraid of losing by being self-honest with ourselves about what is here? And this latter question must be answered quickly because if we look around we can see that soon there will be nothing to lose, we have already lost almost everything. Dignity is definitely nowhere to be found.

What we need here is a fast and effective re-education of parents and we need parents who are serious about leaving a better world for their children. If you are one of them do not hesitate to stand as equal with those who are already changing and proving to others that the change is possible no matter how hard and arduous the task may look.

Please investigate the –desteniiprocess- where people are realizing their power and their role within creation and who are changing themselves into beings that honour all life in realization that what’s best for all is best for me.

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