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Parents fearing their children

May 28, 2011

Let’s first look at the importance of the relationship between children and their parents. The reason for doing that is the simple mathematics which very accurately proves, to everyone who’s willing to see, that there is a big problem with this world. I think many will agree that the current reality is designed by our interrelations with each other, it is directed by the agreements that we as humans have established. So if we look at the foundation, the beginnings – the place where our perception and understanding about the reality is formed and shaped, were the foundation for agreement formation is created– it’s our childhood years, when we are still walking like empty sponges absorbing everything we come across in our surrounding.


This is exactly the place where parents are playing a major role in shaping the basic worldview of the child – whatever you put into them they will use that as guidelineto move throughout their life. There will be some changes, of course, and variations in behaviour, yet the essence will remain the same. From that we are able to conclude that parents play a crucial role in forming the future of this reality.


Now if we look at the humanity in a bigger picture considering all the events that are taking place we can see that there is a lot of fear and uncertainty in people’s minds at the moment. Many people today are already unsure about the next day, whether they will still have a job, sufficient money to buy food and pay the rent, afford child’s education etc. The whole system is already failing people and there is no guarantees currently that when you are older you will be taken care of.


Thus what can we say about our ability as parents to educate children, about our ability to create a stable foundation where everyone could enjoy life without being in constant fear and uncertainty. All parent of the world have failed themselves and their children – and it’s about time that we all agree on that, make peace with that and correct that. The correction is a simplistic one – education. And I am not speaking about the education of children but the education of parents where they first learn the concept of responsibility when deciding to bring a child into this world. Your responsibility as a parent starts with understanding the basic principles that must be established in order to have a healthy society in the future, principles that can stand the test of time and that will serve all life without excluding anything or anyone.


So, if you are one of the parents who can see the importance of change please visit and explore  -desteniiprocess- where you can learn about the specificity of human behaviour, where you can learn about yourself and receive the ability and trust to go beyond what you knew is possible. Let’s create a new world together, join now

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