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Children that are bullied need REAL help

March 23, 2011

Within European Union Lithuania has the biggest number of children bullying at schools. And it’s no surprise that this consequently leads to the highest suicide rates among children. Every fourth child has to experience what it means to be neglected and bullied.

There are no prevention systems in place and the problems are usually recognized when it’s already too late. There are 1000 psychologist for the whole country, but even those are hardly accessible and are able to scratch only the surface of the problem.

Today, recognizing the problem, the country has announced “a week without bullying”

People are completely lost facing this problem and try to come up with number of solutions. Another solution that’s been proposed – to surround the schools with a big fence (whatever that will accomplish).


Obviously this is a problem that is a manifested consequence of many variables within our society. And trying to solve the problem where it is manifesting sounds like a very futile job.

The only problem with children is that they are very good copying machines that take all the behavioral patterns from their parents and ,not having learned yet how to hide all the “bad stuff”, they play everything out with each other. So, if we go deeper the problem is the parents. Yet we cannot stop here because still the solution at this level would also fall into the futile job’s category.

We have to go even deeper and see what are the parents of these children subject to and what is the biggest factor that influences their behavior – MONEY. And it’s basically the point where every problem that is manifested in our world leads to.

Equal Money System – is the solution at the deepest level which  will, when implemented, start to heal multiple layers of our lives. We all have to participate to make the process faster and prevent all the abuse that is here and that is increasing at an alarmingly fast pace.

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