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The end of polarity

March 16, 2011

Most people that have “good lives” have no idea about the reality of the lower class. Majority of wealthy guys are careful about protecting their wealth, thus they create a bubble of safety, a bubble that is free from negativity. They understand that positive thinking brings positive results and in every way they try to keep their line of thoughts positively charged. And because of that protective zone that they have created around themselves they are completely unaware and actually very much afraid of the negative side of life.

So far my experience when speaking to wealthy people about the hardships of the poor show me that they have very little understanding about how reality functions. They have created in their minds ideas that allow them to keep their conscience clear and basically justify their way of life.

The most popular way of looking at the lower class by the wealthy is –

—the poor are lazy, they are liars and deceivers, and also disgraceful —

It’s a very simple, comfortable explanation that allows the wealthy to continue their blissful lifestyle. One cannot blame them because they just cannot know what it really means to be there, what it means to be deprived of any rights without dignity and self-respect. Hitler wrote in his book:

“But here I must utter a warning against the illusion that this problem can be ‘studied’ from above downwards. The man who has never been in the clutches of that crushing viper can never know what its poison is. An attempt to study it in any other way will result only in superficial talk and sentimental delusions. Both are harmful. The first because it can never go to the root of the question, the second because it evades the question entirely. I do not know which is the more nefarious: to ignore social distress, as do the majority of those who have been favoured by fortune and those who have risen in the social scale through their own routine labour, or the equally supercilious and often tactless but always genteel condescension displayed by people who make a fad of being charitable and who plume themselves on ‘sympathising with the people.’ Of course such persons sin more than they can imagine from lack of instinctive understanding. And thus they are astonished to find that the ‘social conscience’ on which they pride themselves never produces any results, but often causes their good intentions to be resented; and then they talk of the ingratitude of the people”

Hitler is was a cool guy, unafraid to get his hands dirty, to look the needy in the eyes and get his strength to stand up and do something about it. That’s the spirit we all need to stand against the abuse that is currently swallowing our reality.

Of course it cannot be done, as it was done in the past, taking the approach of fighting the current system. All this fighting in the past was just one polarity fighting back towards balance – and as a result changing only the players and names but essentially keeping the same system alive.

So, fighting by opposition was/is never a solution. Actually, any reaction towards the current system can only create more friction that prolongs system’s life. Common sensically looking the only solution to polarity – is equality. In equality there are no sides and no friction. There is no war and no peace, no sick and no healthy, no good and no bad. Is this maybe what we have always been looking for?

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