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MONEY – The HEART of the System

July 18, 2010

“If we want to change something, we have to get to the heart of the matter”

The Heart as the ´safe´ place within and of Self which Self keeps in Self-Interest, always in Survival-mode to apparently ´protect´ Self´s ´Integrity´ and ´Feelings´.

Within that implying that ´my Feelings´ are more important than Life; See how we hold on to ´feeling-good´ while millions die every day, when this ´feeling-good´ is not even real: it is our learned ways to apparently be ´in-control´, where everything seems ´okay´ and ´in place´ – when in fact we only see our own little Bubble, our own little world in our mind.

This ´State of control´ is not real because it is able to be influenced and ´my Feelings´ are able to ´be hurt´ depending on where I am and with whom, how much Money I have=what options/possibilities I have in life, what circumstances/society I exist in, what I mean to others, what my family stands for and whether they ´support´ me etc.

Thus ´My feelings´ is the point of ´Self-interest´ and ´Feeling offended´ the point of separation: “because the ´danger´ exists that I could ´lose control´ of ´my reality´ which I must at all cost avoid because I AM God of my Bubble – I want to feel ´safe´ in my own Bubble and ´don´t you dare come anywhere near my Bubble´”.

This is the design/the system we´ve allowed our Heart to exist within and as.

MONEY as perceived and accepted ´Safety´ on which one learns to depend on for stability and comfort. If you don´t have Money, you can´t live;

Money as the Provider of ´life-force´ -which is seen in this world as those starving, dying because they have no Money and no way of getting to Money;

Money as Self-interest: according to my Money ´my Feelings´ are determined, my self-worth, my self-esteem – and I protect my Money like I protect my Heart. My Money is my Pump that provides me with Energy.

Money as the Heart of the World-System: Money makes the world go round. When Money stops, the world-carousel is stuck.

The Heart as the Motor of the physical Body-System, the Provider of the human physical body. If the heart stops – the body stops = death.

Interestingly enough there is two ways to look at the System us human beings exist of and as:

Firstly, as the body. Each and every body is made out of the same substance: the Earth. Each body is equal – is equally born from the Physical and equally returns to the Physical at death. Its SUBSTANCE is the same as what Everything is made of: The Dust of the Earth.

This is what is REAL.

Then there´s the Mind-System of each human being: the programmed, conditioned Design one is constructed as and believes Self to be, which entails information and knowledge about and of: family, culture, society, gender, ideology, religion, beliefs, perception etc. – all making-up a certain Self-Defintion one believes to be ´special´ and believes to be ´who I am´. Each one has a NAME that give them their idENTITY.

When in fact, nothing of that idENTITY, nothing of those ingredients is ´special´, nothing is really actually of Self, NOTHING of that is REAL, nothing of that is of SUBSTANCE, nothing of that remains at death. All Self-Definition, every Name, every inDIVIDual is but a coming-together of ingredients that was already here, mixed-up and stirred to produce a being that thinks in a certain way, believes certain things, has certain ´values´ and opinions, likes some things and dislikes other things, has certain desires and certain fears, looks at the world in a certain way and has certain ideas about oneself and about the world and what life is about.

When a baby is born into the world, it is HERE. It has Nothing. It has No name. It is not defined. It is open to all and everything, it is vulnerable. It does not perceive its world separate from Self, it knows not of protection, it knows not of selective/conditional preferences  – it is Here, it breathes Life into itself, it is Here as Breath.

Until a name is given to it, until it starts IDentifying and accepting the ingredients of the environment it´s been born into (ID – I Die).

As we become inDIVIDuals, we learn to see what we have and others don´t – or what we don´t have but others do. We learn that ´my Feelings´ can be ´hurt´and then we learn how we can ´hurt´ others by not ´giving them what they want´. By observing others, we ´come up´ with survival/protection-mechanisms for our own little Bubble which we slowly but surely create and which we call ´our life´: ´My space´ – ´My-name´ – Money.

All the while we are not actually LIVING – We are SURVIVING – in fact: we are slowly but surely dying, we are killing ourselves, we are HURTing ourselves, we are killing the LIFE within us as who we really are. We are busy with self-preservation – when on thing is certain: Death.



… see the sound-similarity of the words.

In this `life´ we are busy `protecting´ ourselves from Hurt. We protect what is apparently ´ours´, we protect our ´Heart´ – the same way we protect `our Money´. But Money does not exist: Money is Debt. And what we call `life´ is in fact our gradual Death.

As we become conditioned, we become conditional.

We ´love´ only those that will serve the ideas we have of ourselves and support our little Bubbles we exist in, those that have the same opinions and the same gods, those will ´help´ us protect and preserve our self-interest.

What is the price we pay for such DELUDED EXISTENCE?

The price is this world, this existence; It is the Truth of Ourselves; It is Life itself.

In this, we ironically defend our own LIMITATION: Self-Compromise as we compromise Life as who we all really are, to ´fit in´ into a world which we created in our Image and LIKEness: The conditioned frame we exist as, the Bubble we believe to be real and within which we allow so much suffering, within which we actually suffer, each one inDIVIDually, almost ´secretly´ carrying our own cross, the cross that we call ´life´ – which is in fact the very symbol of polarity, of apparent ´choice´ (I choose what is ´mine´, I choose what `I like´); and not of Equality as what Life really is.

But ´the cross´ is not actually real.

We are not actually LIVING.

And yet ´the cross´ IS real because we allow it – we accept it, create it and live it, bearing the consequences of our ´sins´, our ´sons´: our creations as this world, this reality – Instead of stopping the consequences through stopping ourselves, through unconditionally forgiving ourselves, forgiving the illusion, stopping this Li(f)e, Standing up: ´Till Here No Further! Let us LIVE, let us birth ourselves as Life from the Physical! Let us make ourselves Real Here!

We must change the Heart of the System.

Each one individually at a personal level, and all together for this World that is `our Here´.

The proposed ´model´ for a new money-system as Desteni suggests (=Equal Money for All from Birth to Death) is a statement of EQUALITY: Using Equal Money as the Heart of the System as a practical bridge for human beings to realize that we need to start cultivating EQUALITY as LIFE as TRUST within ourselves and each-other; We need to stop protecting bubbles of self-interest, stop fearing and stop destroying ourselves and each-other; We need to Self-Realize Life as who we all are = to realize that we are all from the same SUBSTANCE and that´s what is and must be SUBSTANTIAL in this Existence. Each HEART is Equal. Have we ever expressed GRATEFULNESS towards our own Heart for unconditionally forgiving all the Hurt we´ve caused and for unconditionally sustaining our body as ourselves

The heart of the Human-System, the Heart.

The Heart of the World-System, Money.

For eons of time, both existed within and as ´protecting´ self-Interest in separation from Life, and the INTEREST in both cases goes to the System and never to Self as Life as who we all really are.

Imagine us all opening our Hearts – seeing, feeling, embracing all and everything equally.

The world is in pain. We are in pain. IT IS TIME TO STOP. IT IS TIME TO REALIZE THAT OUR ACTUAL INTEREST IS EQUAL: LIFE. It is time to stop blaming, stop fearing, and FORGIVE: let the past go, let go of who we have become, Stop. Forgiveness is necessary to make a new start. Without Forgiveness, any ´future´ will have the ingredients of the Past and is bound to fall.

No-one can do it for us. We must each do it for Self. Then, all together, for all as one as equal – for this World, this Existence.

Look at the scenario of having Equal Money for All unconditionally from Birth to Death.

In creating this, we are placing Money in a way that it stands as a new symbol: Unconditional Forgiveness for All LIFE to be EQUAL in fact.

In accepting Equal Money for All from Birth to Death, we make a Statement of Self-Acceptance and Self-Forgiveness as an Act of giving up Self-Interest for the Interest of All LIFE. And create a Equal-Foundation-Structure where each can support Self as Life to live and express.

Obviously this is an interim solution, yet a necessary one, because – consider:

In this world there IS no money. Money is Debt. However, there is enough Resources and Food for Everyone – at this very moment! Yet not everyone gets it. This shows that the problem is not money itself. With an Equal Money System: All will be served with equal Money, Food, Water, Shelter, Education, Health. It will be a solution that will serve all – and first of all those that have NOTHING. Anything else is at the moment an idealistic dream serving Man´s Ego – and not considering those that have Nothing at all.

We have no choice:

We will either open our HEART to Life, to EARTH ourselves and start considering each-other as Self equal and one – or we will suffocate in our little Bubbles of Mind, of self-interest, of ideas and beliefs we regard as real, while we HURT Life in ourselves and each-other, disregarding what actually Really MATTER and destroying ourselves.

By Bella

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