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Equal Money is Unconditional Love

July 14, 2010

the physical is showing us what unconditional love really is – it is here providing a context in which we are able to see the effect that ‘who we each are’ has on each other – space and time gives us the opportunity to see the consequence of what we accept, the opportunity to self reflect and to correct ourselves to stop creating the consequence

in this world, those without money are occupied with survival – those without money feel the physical pain of being deprived of what they require to function – those without money show us the extent to which we will go to survive when motivated by physical pain
– living in garbage, murdering each other, prostituting ourselves to be able to get food.
they show us the depths of self defeat, desperation and misery that comes with being denied a dignified life – killing themselves with drugs, alcohol

those of us with money have the time and comfort in which to self reflect and question our reality

but most are rather occupied with the desire for more, chasing pictures in our minds of something always apparently better than what is here

it is a shame – because we do not want to see that everything we want, everything we believe makes us who we are and which defines us – has been something placed into us from birth by someone or something – parents, teachers, media.

our ability to see our reality, to see the world around us is compromised through the process of plugging into a virtual world, a virtual reality in our minds that consists of ideas and definitions of who and what we apparently are and what we are apparently here to do – what our apparent purpose in life is. But what we perceive our ‘purpose’ to be is nothing but a copy of what others have always done – how others have always lived – what others have always accepted themselves to be.

We are not given the opportunity to discover ourselves – we are rather seeded with desires, fears, beliefs, ideas from all sides from the moment we are born and become capable of being taught.

when we are very young – we see the world – we see the physical – we are Here.
But we are taken away from Here – taken away from the world and swept into a fantasy land, and our eyes begin to see only desire – we stop seeing the world around us and we lose the ability to consider our reality with common sense.

we are taught how to justify, taught to hide who we really are – we are taught that a personality as a presentation of ourselves is normal – and that it is normal to use this personality to manipulate and deceive to gain the trust of others so that we can find security and gratification in relationships, friendships, jobs. We are taught that we are here to survive – that we must do what is told of us because that is how one succeeds in life – but we just become clones of those that brought us into this world – we are their successors – and we are taught that our purpose is to bring new people into this world so that we ourselves may have successors as well.

By this point, we have completely forgotten about the physical world we are in. Our attention is only in a mental projection of somewhere we would like to be. And our actions reflect our desire to fulfill that projection and get to where we want to be ‘in life’.

the physical is giving us the opportunity to see who we are as beings – the physical is giving us the opportunity to see that when we are only living in self interest, separate from each other and the world within separate, mental bubbles of desire – that the world we end up creating is one where no one trusts each others, everyone fears to be harmed and for our comfort and ease to be taken away, we fear to lose the security of our relationships and happiness and seek out new ways to secure our personal bubble from being burst.

We are so possessed with this mental program that we do not even acknowledge the physical pain that so many human beings are experiencing because they do not have the fuel that we have – our fuel is money, and we are only out for a joy ride – our bodies are our vehicles and we are not driving responsibly. We are not even looking at the road – we are in the car but the windows are blocked and we are wearing virtual reality headsets that project a false world – a picture world that we believe is real. And we are only just trying to win the game that is being projected, more money to gain a higher level of the game, because the more money we have the further away from pain and discomfort and misery we can get.

we are not honoring the physical – we are not honoring Earth. We are not honoring our source.
All beings are children of the Earth – we are one family – we have one body.
but we are numb to the pain that our body is experiencing.
Energy, feelings, thoughts are our pain medication – keep stimulating the energy and it keeps flowing, ensuring that we do not feel the pain of a physical body that is being ignored, neglected – the physical body of Earth and all physical beings on Earth.

For those of us who are willing to stop the game, willing to stop chasing the energy of illusion and start caring for what is real – for what matters – start caring for the Earth and for each other – there is a solution.
We firstly can start caring for ourselves – we can forgive ourselves for becoming a player in a game that creates abuse and suffering and delusion. We can stop the mental bubble and be Here once more, as we were when we were very young.

We can start honoring ourselves – and realizing that to honor ourselves is to honor each other, to honor the Earth from whence we came. Stopping the mental bubble through which we have separated ourselves from the Earth and each other is what we can firstly do to start honoring the Physical reality that is here supporting us to see who we are and what we are doing.

Those of us with money and time have the ability to make a difference – we have the ability to stop and correct ourselves and start living within honoring all that are Here in the Physical.
We can correct the words that we are living as ‘who we are’ – because the words we are living is the information upon which we base our participation.
We can redefine the words we are living within what best honors Life, within what best honors the Physical source of ourselves. In this we redefine our participation in our world and stop fueling others to remain within the mental bubble of separation and acceptance of the ways of the past.

We can give everyone the Equal opportunity to self reflect and correct the words they are living as well. Those of us with money have the ability to make a difference through transforming the system that determines the physical experience we are born into.

An Equal Money system is the way we can give everyone an Equal Opportunity to begin honoring Life. We can remove the occupation with survival, and remove the occupation with the desire for more and fear of having nothing – we can stop the polarity of rich and poor through giving everyone equal money – and in that remove the fight for survival, fear of loss and the want for more.

We have limited time here on Earth – the life we are living right now is what is relevant.
We have the opportunity to use the time we have to begin honoring the support provided to us by the physical as an act of unconditional love. We have the opportunity to face the pain and suffering we are creating in this body we share – and correct ourselves so that pain and suffering is no longer created.

Self Honestly, religion and spirituality do not honor the Earth, do not honor Life, do not honor the Physical. They call the physical an illusion, and say that it is okay to keep chasing desire in a virtual reality mental bubble. They say – do not be concerned with the physical – the ‘afterlife’ is what is real. They teach us to justify the pain that others experience, by saying there are ‘lessons’ to be learned.

We have the opportunity to stop this deception based in the desire to escape responsibility.
We have the opportunity to once and for all learn our lesson. The lesson to learn is that we are making this world what it is. And we can make heaven on earth if we take the necessary steps within honoring the Earth, honoring Life and doing what is best for All.

In this life, we have the opportunity to do what god has never done – we can answer our own prayers, and be the savior we are waiting for.

by Matti Freeman

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