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I am here for love

June 5, 2012

First of all it is important to establish a clear definition of what Love really is in our current reality because so far we don’t have any ground where we all meet, meaning there is no definition of love upon which we would all agree. Love was always some abstract concept where each had his own interpretation about it.

I remember when I was a kid I would ask people to explain me what love is but I never got an answer that would make any sense. So it’s always been kind of hazy when thinking about love. Most of what we learn about love is from books and movies; and there we see mostly this heroic love, where people sacrifice themselves for the sake of one another or all humanity, all nice and wonderful, however, reality is different. Yes we do still see sacrifices made but it’s coming out of jealousy, distrust, selfishness, I mean we are capable for many stupid actions just to protect our feeling of Love. And it’s not that we have much choice as we have become actual addicts who need and require our dose of love to stay “alive”. So there are plenty of examples proving to us how destructive love can be. And then we ask ourselves , but shouldn’t love be something that solves the problems and makes the world a better place? Apparently not – even though we see love and love symbols on every corner in our reality, on TV, in the shopping malls, in our minds , I mean everything is all about love – and yet the world now is in the worst ever condition throughout entire history. So -are we not loving enough?

The problem is that we have never considered how love as a feeling really functions. Love is an energetic feeling, as the positive charge in our brains that can be measured. Thus if we look at the simple laws of physics we will notice that energy is never static and constantly moves between polarities of positive and negative trying to achieve the balance. So it is obvious that our desire to hold on and create more and more of the positive is at the same time creating the negative, in this case it’s hatred and violence, and total disregard for another as the opposition to love.  Basically what that means is that for love feeling to exist hatred and all other negative emotions must also exist. We even have a saying: only through the bad you can get to know the good. And that is very true: to get to know love you must know what love is not. And currently the biggest part of the world is experiencing exactly what love is not, because they are simply unable to generate this feeling of love, one needs money and comfortable life to do it. But the system is fucked and cannot provide for everyone, there are no jobs, and many people are destined to life of constant suffering. But do I care about all that when I have my love, do I even care that my ability to experience love comes at the cost of those that die and suffer in the name of this system. Do I care to stop my addiction and consider my sisters and brothers – or is the love bubble so thick and strong that no feeling of guilt is able to penetrate it.   

Existence is coming to a point where we can no longer ignore what we have allowed in the name of love, the time of payback is almost at our doorsteps. It’s not a judgment but simple consequence of our allowances. We have allowed this earth to be abused and deprived of all live as its resources without realizing that it is the only thing that really matters, it is the actual live giver, it wasn’t love that was keeping us alive, it was earth that was providing unconditional nourishment all along. And what were we giving in return – shit, shit and more shit in all its various forms without any regard or respect for the design of earth, nature, animal kingdom – they are all here apparently to serve us and sustain our bubbles  where we can fuck ourselves eternally generating the feeling of Love.  

So the point is to stop this endless cycle of existing as feeling and emotions where we constantly fall move up and down believing that we are living. Fuck No, that is not life  -that is a machine in action. It is time to get to know ourselves who we are beyond the mind addictions. There is a place where you can begin this process of finding out who you are exactly and how to bring yourself back to life, extract yourself from this “game”. I mean it’s not funny anymore, real people are dying, animals, nature, are being abused and destroyed in the name of this Love. And still ignorantly we try to hold on to this feeling because it is just sooo gooood. So can we find strength within ourselves to let go of our Love addiction and consider real solutions for this world, I mean we will not get a kick or a good feeling by looking into our problems and sorting them out, it is not nice and lovely, but nasty and disgusting. It’s all because of the amount of shit we have been giving this earth and never cleaning after ourselves. Time to clean up – we must clean the water until it became undrinkable, we have to clean the lands before they are unable to bear a fruit, we have to clean ourselves before we suffocated from our own bullshit.  So we all need now some tough Love to awaken ourselves from the dream of sweet Love as the ultimate state of ignorance.  

Equal Money System is the practical solution that considers all beings in existence, that’s the end of polarity, end of separation, the end of Love as we know it. New definition of Love is a practical consideration of all equally and thus Equal Money System is the actual manifestation of Love on earth.

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Psywar within and without

May 31, 2012

A short review on the documentary “Psywar”

So what is quite obvious when watching documentaries like this about human civilization is that throughout history there was always this underlying believe, by the intellectuals of this world, that the general public is not able to become self-responsible beings and the only way to ensure some stability in this world is to manage and control their beastly and savage natures. So this documentary depicts how throughout time the general public were managed to remain ignorant and submissive to the powerful few.

“Democracy is in the worst interest of national goals…the modern world is too complex to allow the man or woman in the street to interfere in its management.”

For that purpose the government has created “the system of management” where the techniques of manipulation were developed and implemented into the lives of the general public. They have given it a nice name “public relations” and so from here the fate of the nations was directed by intricately studying the human mind and finding new ways how to subtly get the desired outcome.

Psyops: “Psychological Operations”

Any form of communication in support of objectives designed to influence the opinions, emotions, attitudes, or behavior of any group in order to benefit the sponsor, either directly or indirectly.  

—Department of Defense

So watching the movie as well as simply observing the current mentality of the human population one cannot stand in amazement of how well the job was performed, how well was the common sense taken away from human beings and replaced by fear of and distrust in each other. Trust in oneself and what one can actually critically observe and asses in one’s reality has been replaced with trust in media channels as the only and unquestionable provider of information.

I mean 77% of people supported the war in Iraq truly believing that it is a noble cause. People were fed a few stories of apparent possibility of nuclear attack and here we go – the whole Iraqi nation and people within it became the true enemy that has to be swiped from the face of existence. The innocent families and children dying as casualties of war were of no concern to the war supporters where the fear and anger became the true directors of their behavior.  Many also believed that this war will benefit Iraqi people when they will be freed from the evil dictators and thus many have sent their sons to fight in this holy battle while being completely ignorant about what war actually is, and what it means to take another beings life. The true horrific nature of war is not yet realized by humans even though they can see the state of the mind that people after coming back from war exist in. Here is an amazing interview “The Strategic Soldier” that revels an experience of a former soldier who describes in very detail what it means to be a soldier and kill other people.

So essentially our perception about reality and what living means has been distorted and shaped in ways to protect the rule of the elite. And there is no one else who is responsible for all that but ourselves because we have allowed to be fooled and misdirected through our own fears and desires. We have defined ourselves in separation from this reality and accepted ideas of what it means to have a happy and fulfilling life and where within these definitions we became the careless protectors of our way of life. And within these perceptions we became easily controlled and manipulated where now we are at the stage where all that we care about is our own experiences as energetic upliftments where we are constantly under the influences of the information that is continually bombarded to keep us in stagnation never taking responsibility for our world. Here is an interesting article on how we are being influences by sex and money “USA uses sex to control the world”

So slowly but surely we became monsters caged in our self-created bubbles where anything and anyone outside of that is an enemy to be feared or a slave to be used to enhance the experience of self.

After seeing the nature of our existence and how far away we have walked from reality the questions that arises is:  what can we do about it? Will we wait until the earth and all life is completely destroyed while we hold on to our perceptions of happiness pretending that we don’t see what’s really happening or will we stand and stop this creation within ourselves and the world around us?

Yes we have to start the change within ourselves as this is the place from where all our actions arise; this is the place where ignorance is harbored and sustained. There is already enough information where each having access to internet can get a true reflection of what is actually happening in different parts of the world, there are also statistics that undoubtedly show the movement of money and resources and the abusive inequality in distribution where in common sense we can see that each one of us is supporting and sustaining this system through our daily participation thus making us all responsible for what is here and thus it is now our responsibility to stop and correct what is here. All we have to do is stop our imagined separation from each other and consider each other as equals and give to ourselves as all what we all want to receive – equal access to life as the resources that this earth unconditionally provides.

Equal Money System is the obvious Solution that we as humans have overlooked even though we claimed to be great intellectuals that know how this world functions. Really?

Research Equal Money System and become a practivist that stands for something that will not go in vain.

STOP Before You Die

April 11, 2012

How much time we spend in useless activity where we keep ourselves preoccupied in our minds wondering and pondering about things we would like to do. Going over and over in our minds through the same thoughts – like a broken record. No, that’s actually a broken robot, or maybe it’s not broken because the design of a robot is exactly that – to repeat the same tasks which it has been programmed to repeat and perform. God is a great designer to design us in this way , wouldn’t you say?

And it goes like that for the whole life, years go by and suddenly we find ourselves at the last step, where we stop and look back and we go “Oh my fucking God what did I do? Yes that it a good question, the answer is nothing, we missed life and all the opportunities to make something more out of it.

I am sure many of those who reached the end had these moments of clarity where they noticed at some point in their life the uselessness of their existence. Oh here another question begs itself– what kept them from acting, standing up within themselves and saying or even screaming “No more”. Perhaps many can already guess the answer as it is existent within most of us – HOPE.  Yes the great mother Hope, a very good mother I would say, one that really loves her children – asks nothing of them, no demands, no commands, gives no directions, no tasks to perform. Just relax, go on doing what you are doing and one day, one beautiful day all will be fine. Will it?

How many more deaths of old people we have to witness to see that it’s the same old shit over and over again – or maybe you think they didn’t have dreams about a better world? Dreams about the world where their children and grandchildren would freely express themselves without fear? I mean we all enjoy the expression of animals and children when they run around full of unconditional joy. But it doesn’t last in this world – fear creeps in, survival creeps in, need for security creeps in and now extensive thinking starts to develop, our mind starts aligning to this system– where we need MONEY to survive. And to get enough money to survive our “beautiful” system asks only a few easy things – to shut down our consideration for all life and show more self-interest. Yeap – right here we are lost and get completely separated from all life into our own little bubble where all that’s left for us is to keep ourselves preoccupied in our minds wondering and pondering about things we would like to do.

We all essentially crave that innocence and freedom of expression which was taken away from us as we grew up. But it’s just too obvious that in this current system that is not possible. Therefore what needs changing is the system itself – we need a system that unconditionally supports all children of this world to express themselves freely where they get to keep that expression throughout their lives, never losing connection with who they really are as life that which came from the physical dust of the earth. Is that possible?. The preprogrammed mind will definitely answer no and find millions of justifications to back up that answer. But don’t be afraid as it is exactly that spot where one needs to stop for a moment, silence the voices in the head and look at the world as if for the first time.  Here seeing is possible.

Use this moment to investigate the solution of Equal Money System. We have extensively investigated, researched and written down all the basic components of how it will function. There is no doubt left that it’s something that will benefit all of the existence and there is no doubt that it is something that we can all together practically establish here in this reality, and that can and will happen when enough of us STOPS ourselves in this precious moment to asks that precious question “what the fuck I’ve been doing?“ yes… now you forgive yourself for what you did and didn’t do, and go on to ask another question “How Can I contribute?”


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Sunette Spies – Get Real. Stay Real. Be Physical.


Fears Promoted Through Healthcare Direct Our Decisions

April 9, 2012

Fear is a major, perhaps most prominent or even the only factor influencing our decisions in our day-to-day activities and actions regarding our health. Of course fear has the impact on many more areas of our life “helping” us to makes decisions– yet in this discussion we will concentrate on healthcare topic, mostly. These decisions include what medicines we buy, foods we eat, healthcare products we use, hospitals and doctors we visit and how frequent we do it, places we go, people we interact with etc.

These fears that I speak about became a part of who we are and we don’t even question ourselves while making these decisions or even consider what consequences they might have on others. Most of the time we don’t even know that we are guided by our fears and how we are constantly on the run trying to avoid some sickness. It’s all been programmed into us in very subtle ways by medical industry. Medical industry is just a business, a very big one, trying to sell its products. It should be quite obvious by now that healthcare is not here because it cares for people’s wellbeing and acts in the interest of people. The faster we realize this truth the quicker we can start looking into the matter and correcting the damage that’s already been done. It’s just a huge business that found very effective ways to market the product – it used people’s fear as the main stimulant to buy it. Through the use of mass media in the form of various pamphlets, posters, newspaper ads, radio, television, cinema and  of course the world wide web they have slowly spread the fear into all levels of our mind from where we just act without any self-awareness or understanding.

With all the emerging diseases and sicknesses a world appears a very hostile place to be, so we have to be on guard at all times and make sure proper “prevention” measures are at our immediate disposal. And Medical industry has taken upon themselves this heavy task and made sure we got everything we need and much more, because you never know…

Here I found one  example, a fear message “Five children in Galway have contracted meningitis and the next one could be yours”.

Surely nobody wants their child to get sick, thus they will take all measures to make sure it doesn’t happen in their family. This example however is very straightforward and doesn’t belong to the category of subtle messaging that we get every day by variety of other means. The fears we get from our environment are many and various:

You can check on Facebook, there is a group created that is called “redefining fear” where people expose all kinds of fears that we have, and it’s not only on health issues but all others areas of life as well, still we can see how many fears there are in our minds and some of them seem to be really funny and even ridiculous – yet they exist and they have come from somewhere – our experiences, mass media, parents etc. In our society we don’t speak much about our fears and thus we are alone fighting with them. But alone we cannot do much – we need someone,… uhm we cannot trust our neighbor as that relationship is ruined long time ago, not your spouse as many don’t speak at all beyond most important practical matters – so luckily enough we have the pills and other quicky fix stuff to deal with our problems. You have depression- take a pill. Can’t sleep – take a pill. Stomach problems –take a pill. After some pills we suddenly notice that we cannot even function without a pill or without a doctor or psychologist who gives advice on each matter. So slowly but surely we give away our responsibility to medical guys where we become dependent and also completely separated from our bodies – because we didn’t trust ourselves to heal ourselves, we made the choice. The choice wasn’t hard to make as there is so much stuff already programmed through the means mentioned above.

More fear out of powerlessness and given trust to the corporations that keep us alive. Here within this fear and surrendered responsibility consideration about bigger questions of life is hardly possible. Keeping ourselves busy to stay alive we disregard solutions that are best for all live. The way back towards self-responsibility looks long and hard.

Still we need to stop and take a hard good look at ourselves – it is possible to see how we have come to this. There are places where we can share our experiences, fears, diseases and search for solutions together and free ourselves from the clutches of corporations that tricked us into believing that there is something terribly wrong with us. We can actually heal ourselves in many alternative ways that were mostly hidden but now they are here and we just have use the opportunity, find some time and investigate ourselves and solutions that will support us all.

Here I place some Facebook groups where you can join and participate on different topics of discussion:

Dealing with fears: Redefining Fears

Dealing with health and diseases: Redefining Health and disease

Food and supplements: Redefining Food; Hydrogen Peroxide

Understanding how we create our world through the living words we speak: The Living Word

Also visit Eqafe store to search for some extremely supportive topics on many different issues of daily life

Specialization vs Homeoapthy and the missing puzzle

April 7, 2012

Ok here I want to look at the detrimental effect of Specialization in Healthcare, what homeopathy has to offer and what it is still missing.

While studying homeopathy I have the opportunity to observe and learn about our healthcare system. Within that I compare the modern approach to that of Homeopathy where I try and see how homeopathy is able to fit into our current system and how in time it could produce a substantial change to the problems we all face within our health issues.

So in our current healthcare system there is a growing army of specialists dealing with different, narrow branches of medicine or surgery. With the development of technology the ability to explore and comprehend these specific areas became rather effective. However when much attention by any one individual is placed to single area of expertise naturally one loses contact with other parts that are equally important. One might be a very capable eye specialist or have extensive understanding in lung diseases with vast library of knowledge about it, however there is a tendency to become so lost in one’s narrow field of expertise that the complete picture of the total constitution of all interconnected parts that make the organism is lost. For example an eye disease may be caused by so many different factors: like disordered stomach, skin problems, malfunctioning liver, poisoning of teeth and so forth and so on. However the professional eye specialist, upon examining the structure of the eye and seeing only the end result/manifestation of the diseases, will prescribe glasses or perform a surgery that very likely will make the patient disabled for life where the possibility for permanent cure is completely sabotaged. So here we can basically see that this “evolution” from the whole into separate parts is ineffective and is making us dependent on each other where also possibilities for abuse are created – and surely these possibilities are used to the full potential.

And we can also observe this same pattern of division and separation in many other areas of our existence: our education system where each teacher considers only his own subject without making clear, understandable links with other subjects thus making the children unable to see the reality of how this world functions, the same with our economic and government systems which are divided into various categories, alliances, unions where some parts are highly regarded whereas the rest are considered irrelevant. And thus we see some areas prospering with wealth and abundance while others suffer in agony experiencing poverty and starvation. It is so obvious that within our compartmentalized world where we don’t see each other fully, we can never see and understand our actual experiences and find solutions to our problems. This belief in separation creates another peculiar problem – we hide from each other, we believe that this separation as our individual mind is who we are and thus by all means we protect ourselves. Privacy and secrecy is honored as means of survival. Within that we close ourselves from getting to know each other, to learn from each other as brothers and sisters. There are many people in this world that had most terrible experiences, diseases from which they recovered and where they realized what exactly did it take within this process to get themselves out of it and surely they would be able, if not that idea of separation, to share in detail the road that they have walked. And with many such stories we would be able to put the puzzle pieces together and realize what disease is and how to cure it.

So here in a way homeopathy comes in and challenges this distorted understanding of modern world medicine and shows alternative ways how to approach and cure the living organisms. Homeopathy looks wide and far when tackling a disease thus getting a full picture of the dysfunctions at hand. Here the stories of success are recorded and categorized, however they are not shared. And that is exactly what keeps us trapped – the privacy of information. Right here we are missing the point – instead of protecting ourselves we should share as hell, create a worldwide database by all participants who are involved in researching diseases – it should be a duty of every practitioner to report to other fellow human beings, as they have ability and means to do it, how to battle the existing diseases. Only in this way we can free ourselves from the existing monsters as pharmaceutical corporations feeding of our suffering making sure it never ends – so that they don’t end.

So until secrecy/the privacy of information exists we will never learn from each other and thus we will remain just but a hiding slaves living in fear of revealing who we have become. The realization must be brought to people that how and as who they exist in their inner and outer worlds is in essence no different from others. Thus there should be no fear to share – we must realize that we are sick because all are sick – and we cannot wait for others to do what we have to do once we realize that we are all here together experiencing the same existence and battling the same problems and need the same solutions.

So dare to share all healers and self-healers how you heal – only then we can go up the hill out of this self-created pit of fear and suffering towards a reality that has no disease but eternal joy for all .


“By not sharing the lessons, we shoot ourselves in the foot.” Bernard Poolman


What would you do if you had Cancer?

February 20, 2012

There was recently an article in the Daily Mail” magazine about the doctor who spoke his actual feelings about cancer treatment and he also exposed the actual attitude that majority of doctors share. The article is called “Why doctors like me would rather die than endure the pain of treatment for advanced cancer

It is no secret that cancer treatment is a big business and many people as well as institutional entities are built around it – that actually depend on the existence of cancer. So it is amazing to see how this huge web is created to lure people by selling hope – and what’s really amazing is that it’s actually very effective in selling this promise when it’s completely ineffective in fulfilling it. It’s also amazing when we look at the totality of our accepted reality – we can see that most areas of live follow the same principle – like politics where we are kept alive only by future promises that never come true – or consumerism that says if you buy this next product you will attain happiness and fulfillment but actually nothing has any positive lasting effect, quite the opposite. So here cancer treatment is no different – we hope and we just continue to die in hope.

Within this article it is also explained that changing this destructive pattern is not an easy process. Even though Dr. Martin Scurr, the author of the article, explains that some doctors who are realizing what the fuck they are doing and actually are willing to change the direction and make people more aware of the reality of cancer treatment they still face some difficult issues. One of the big concerns is the brainwashed people. It is understandable that when people discover that someone who is close to them has developed a cancer they undergo emotional turmoil and confusion in their minds which distorts the clear vision of reality. They can’t think straight and see the simple mathematics as statistic within the history of cancer treatment. Despite all the numbers which show tremendously low chances of survival of cancer treatment they still put their loved ones through extreme agony of chemotherapy and other treatments. It’s again the casino system of the mind where people hope to win the prize, to be the few select ones that hit the jackpot.

For a big part as Dr. Dr. Martin Scurr suggest it’s a matter of education. Current doctors are unable to communicate and explain to people the true picture of cancer and to direct people towards alternative solutions. Although this article does not touch the topic of alternative treatments, but they are available and have been proven to be quite effective in dealing with cancer. So people should educate themselves – there is vast amounts of information available on the internet and the research can be done by anyone who is has access to it.

Of course one must have at least some understanding of how to look for the right information – one of the methods of research that works really well in our world is to see at the information in reverse. Let’s take cancer treatment for example – recently I have watched a documentary about Dr. Burzynski ( here is a link for those who are interested to know more about it) who has a long history of having effectively treated many cancer cases, even most desperate ones. Despite his success he is constantly persecuted and held back within his research and wider application of his treatment. That immediately gives an indication that he is a real threat to the big guys of pharma. So it’s a guy worth looking at if you are serious about having that cancer being treated.

Either way the availability of real treatment is not reachable to everyone, only few can get that chance to be cured.

When we look at it from a common sense view point it’s really strange that we have allowed a system that doesn’t provide its members with best care that is available even though we work really hard to support this system. For some people this system still works quite well and they are doing anything in their power to protect it. Obviously if this system works for you – you have money and if you have money you have power to “build high walls” for protection. And those, whom the system has failed, have no money and thus are not able to have much influence.   

So the biggest problem is our separation from each other – where each of us live our own individual lives by all mean protecting the “peace and security” that we enjoy for a moment and through this layer of protection we are unable to understand the experiences of those who suffer from the injustice of the system. And so because of those different experiences we are unable to come together and make constructive decisions about how we can change this reality so that no one has to suffer.

The good news is that there is already a group of people in this world that realized the necessity of coming together and working as one and equal towards the solution. Here at Desteni we are educating ourselves about the actual functioning of the system, doing everyday research into most crucial topics from everyday life and within that seeing and working towards a solution that is best for all life. Those of us who participate within Desteni are becoming the actual scientists of life who are interested not only in curing cancer but also making sure that the existence of any diseases would eventually disappear from our planet. We invite everyone to join us and make this change as quick as possible because as we can see the cancer is spreading rather rapidly, unexpectedly visiting like a thief in the night the good and the bad.  Who’s next?

For more information visit desteni website at and desteni store



2012 proves human devolution

February 2, 2012

2012 is just another year where we downgrade the quality of life and bring ourselves ever more closer to the point of inevitability of facing what we have become as destructive force killing that which really matters in the name of self-interest. 

2012 hopefully will become a year of awakening as it has been prophesized by many spiritual seekers. I am not saying that from the perspective of awakening that is used in terms of spirituality but I am speaking simple common sense as every responsible human being should be doing. It is about time to awaken ourselves to the level of ignorance that we have all allowed. We have neglected our home earth that we all share as one common thing. In our minds we are many and we all have different stories to tell and believes to share and impose. Within that we miss the most important thing – the ground on which we all stand. There is no one else but us here on earth – there are no masters, or angels or gods that actually interfere with our lives here on earth, we are all alone here and yet we abuse our home by pretending that our imagination is more real than what is actually here.

I understand the desire to escape this physical reality, especially since we made so unbearable for ourselves, yet we must realize that there is no easy way out. We must all come together and work towards a solution. Trusting in higher powers and believing that who we have become as our inner demonic nature can be magically healed is very childish and actually implies that we still prefer to be slaves. We must do it ourselves. Here we must be completely self-honest and work on real solution realizing that all previous attempts to solve the world were ineffective, thus we need something new, never before considered.

Consider Desteni – it’s a group of people, a meeting place of beings who really care about all life. It’s a place where personal bubbles that we exist in and as are being burst and thus there is an expansion of self to include unconditionally all parts of existence – positive and negative. It’s a place where real education takes place, where people take self-responsibility for each and every aspect of self in this world. It’s the end of blame, anger, jealousy, depression, fear, desires, addictions, abuse etc. And what remains after all that is removed, the actual, real self gets the opportunity to emerge. Without these distractions we become able to reconnect with life that is here as plants, animal, other human beings and within that realize our common origin and source. And from here we start seeing solutions that benefit not only our personalities but everyone and everything else. From this point the solution of Equal Money was birthed. It’s the answer to all our prayers and it considers all forms of life and most importantly it’s practical and doable solution even within our lifetimes.

2012 The Elixir of Lie?

January 21, 2012

Let’s take a breath, remain here for a moment and let’s look into yet another stupidity that many beings, in today’s world, participate. There exists within people’s minds the believe that the world in 2012 will end/change – big time. This change is apparently some kind of ascension of humanity to another level or dimension of awareness.

It is, of course, a very comfortable believe to be in, because participation within it does not require beings to take responsibility for what is here now. Sure -why bother if the world as we know it will end soon and we will be moving on to a better place. There is no need to take care about what is here, we can just leave all the troubles behind. The same people also believe that this physical reality is not real and so we will transcend the illusion of this world and we will return “home” where we belong.

So that is actually the extent to which people separate themselves from here and fuck themselves into oblivion. It is one of the reasons why this world is the way it is. It is one of the reasons why poverty and starvation is so extreme and why diseases are reaching catastrophic proportions and nature gets destroyed as if no tomorrow exists.

I wish that this believe were true and all those who wish to escape from here would be able to do it and thus leave this place for those that truly care about it and don’t mind staying here. It would really be a good riddance. Because if we look now – they are still here and they use this earth, they feed on it, they feed their thoughts about escape and keep planning their journey to a better place without taking care about this physical reality. Basically they fuck up the living for those that care about this place and want to stay on earth and be a part of what is here.

Obviously to fix this reality which we have neglected for so long requires much dirty work and actual change with real self-honesty to see what we have all been participating within with our thoughts, our feelings and our emotions where we have been moving ourselves  only towards experiences of self-gratification as happiness and love completely ignoring the cries of nature and our fellow human beings and how thus we have manifested this current existence from which we are so willing to get away.

So the first thing we all must do to begin correcting this existence is to start seeing reality as it is without any desire to shape it according to our personal preferences and fears. It is important to educate oneself about all the existing beLIEfs that are misdirecting beings from reality into delusional mind states. Here i will make a very assisting suggestion for all those who are willing to start the process of self-reeducation and self-empowerment where nothing and no one will ever be able to misdirect you from reality where you will develop the ability to recognize all the indicating points of deception. Please visit EQAFE – here is an extensive library of very useful material about all major topics that are necessary to be understood by all people within the process of stopping the bullshit that we currently exist in and as.


Dogs live like kings in an EMS

December 4, 2011

Wouldn’t you agree that it is time for us to become dog’s best friends?  I am sure those who have or have had a dog will agree and support me in saying that time has come for humans to start actually loving dogs back, it’s time to take care of them and start treating them as equals and not as our slaves. They have always been here for us unconditionally reflecting back to us who we are.  

Within Equal Money System dogs will be considered equally to humans beings, simply because they are. Those who dare say that animals are apparently less than humans have serious mental ailment which is badly affecting their understanding about what life is. Those people definitely need some professional help because that separation from life where they exist as pure knowledge only in the mind is very abusive and it’s a very sad place to be. But no worries within Equal Money System, when people have more time to reflect upon themselves, they will see what they have allowed, where they have actually participated and what kind of system they were supporting.

I say that because I was an abuser myself, I used to beat my dog and I considered that to be completely a normal thing to do. That was my way of educating and making him strong, teaching him to respect me as his master. It’s still a bit hard to see how I have missed the reality by so much, because when I look now into the eyes of my dog I see this absolute innocence and I ask myself how much anger I should have had within me to miss all that and how deep was my brainwashing. I found it extremely hard to forgive myself for doing this atrocity and it took a long time for me to be comfortable with animals again, knowing how I was treating them.

I remember that at some point I simply noticed that my dog was simply reflecting me back to myself. It happened after he almost died 4 times, where he got lost in the forest, then later was drowning in the ice pond, also was hit by a car, and ate a deadly amount of tablets.  All that made me question what is going on and eventually I have found, reflecting back on my own life, that I was also walking on the edge constantly asking for big trouble. And I saw that my dog was just walking with me, he was my real fellow being who has put his trust in me unconditionally and was walking the same patterns. That made me see that I am completely responsible for him and that my choices are not only my own but they affect others as well.

So when people will realize this connection I am sure not many will remain ignorant and we will have a new world where animals will walk as equals, where dogs will live as kings.

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What about families in an Equal Money System?

December 4, 2011

Equal Money System will touch and change every aspect of our current existence. So that includes our current family system as well. The best way to look at possible changes that Equal Money will encourage is by taking out the elements of fear and survival and thus seeing what will change.  

So if we take now the family construct we can see that the whole basis of creating a family is to ensure our survival, where we look for the best partner that will ensure the effective support for our kids and family as a whole. It’s the great topic within many movies where the characters have to choose between life that is based on love or money. If you choose love that means you will remain poor. So all this bullshit will be over because within equal money system we can choose partners freely where we do not have to discard them anymore because of their financial status or education.

Actually the education will become now the primary concern because we have to change ourselves and adapt to this new way of living. Perhaps the biggest change will be for the rich and wealthy because   with having lots of money they were able to have servants that were doing all the hard labor in the house and with the kids. So now that there will be no more slaves they will have to adjust to a new way – where every family will be responsible for themselves. So obviously the prediction is that family sizes will rebalance and become smaller. Children will also be protected from exploitation; from the time of their birth they will have the lifelong support and protection from the system and so if there is an abuse within family there will immediately be intervention and the child may simply leave his family and find a better place to spend this time on earth.

Another big thing that will change is the availability of free time. Currently parents have to work their asses off to support the family, to ensure good education for their kids, good housing condition etc. So that obviously is creating a lot of stress and anxiety, and how many stories we hear that children don’t spend time with their parent and develop various regrets and what not. So that will change and dear daddy or mommy will now have plenty of time to get to know their children – for real.

Also I think many will agree that some of that free time parents could spend educating themselves in child education and development studies. We certainly lack that one in our current lives. The knowledge about child development is already here, all we need is time to actually use this knowledge. Science knows exactly how children develop and what are the key areas that parents should be aware of when bringing the child. Surely this knowledge can still be improved from the feedback that we get and thus make it the best possible for our kids.

So we can actually see that families will become something  much better and much more supportive. It’s the birth of new environment where dignity of people is restored as thus care and consideration for each other enhanced.  

Surely no more brainwashing with religious stuff will be allowed because of its destructiveness. It’s total abuse. Life will be the only religion where we will learn to respect all forms of life by bringing ourselves into contact with them for real, not because God told us.

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